Relay Promising Results – Men’s 6 Stage

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While our women went toe to toe with the big guns of Midlands running, our men were doing the same with similar, outstanding results. Once you account for the big guns with multiple squads, our men finished as the 19th best club in the Midlands. Another fantastic result to back up their spring 12 Stage relay results. 

The men’s A team was chocka with talent and backed up by a B team
 featuring a number of performances that will make competition fierce for the A team over the coming XC months!

Our B and C team’s performed with admirable speed and with a number of quality new recruits and runners returning to fitness it’ll be interesting to see how fast our men can go when they have green and gold pushing them on!

25  Knowle & Dorridge Rc           'A'  2:01:49
        Gareth Wainwright (40) 19:57
        Chris Morgan     (31) 20:19
        Chris Sharp      (25) 19:14
        C Thorley        (27) 21:28
        Jack Bristow     (25) 20:08
        R Michaelson Yeates (25) 20:43
69  Knowle & Dorridge Rc           'B'  2:18:29
        Paul Bentley     (85) 22:36
        Jonathon Bellman (72) 21:51
        Andrew Connors   (78) 24:32
        Gregory Turner   (84) 25:15
        Torsten Roesler  (74) 21:38
        Daniel Malone    (70) 22:37
Knowle & Dorridge Rc           'C' 
        Peter Austin     (103) 24:34
        Martin Dedicoat  (95) 23:39
        Phil Wood        (99) 26:08