Road Relays: K&D Women Fly, Gary & Nick Go At It


The headlines at this year’s K&D Road Relays were stolen by K&D Women as they flew round sutton park finishing an incredible 7th in the Midlands. Our 6 women gave the biggest clubs in the country a right royal run for their pennies.

Crowd favourite Jane Evans stormed round running the 6th fastest first leg(5 miles, 31:57) and from there things continued in fabulous fashion. Rosie Marsh, coming back from injury ran a more than solid 21:55 for the 5k and a bit.

Rachel ‘the Rocket’ Gifford stormed round to run the 4th fastest 3rd leg of the day (5miles, 33:05). And they just kept rolling. Flick Sharp ran the 8th fastest 4th leg of the day (5+ km, 19:49), Jess Woolley continued her fine form by running 21:57 (5+k) and Mary Heald’s 20:47 gained a place to leave the K&D Women 7th in the Midlands – and only less than 2 minutes off the top 5.

K&D’s women were backed up by Kerry Ann Thompson (5m – 40:25), Amanda Crees (5+k 29:23) and Katie Price (5m, 49:43) who put out three runners for the Brilliant ‘B”s.

7th – Knowle & Dorridge RC ‘A’ 2:29:24
1 Jane Evans (6) 31:57
2 Rosie Marsh (9) 21:55
3 Rachel Gifford (6) 33:05
4 Felicity Sharp (5) 19:49
5 Jessica Woolley (8) 21:57
6 Mary Heald (7) 20:41

Knowle & Dorridge RC ‘B’
1 Kerry Thompson (48) 40:25
2 Amanda Crees (55) 29:23
3 KatiePrice (58) 49:43

K&D’s men saw a number of top-notch performances. Missing 6 runners from last year and with DJ and Sharpey lacking match fitness they still managed to come within 6 minutes of their time from last year’s game of Thrones style winter epic.

There were star turns by RM-Y as he led the team off in 29:34 for 5 and a bit miles. Nick Woolley and Gary Polhill had a ding-dong battle for fastest run of the day. Running 17:42 and 17:54, both men delivered scintilating runs. Stuart Male made his official K&D Debut, and Gary managed to get DJ to his leg with… oooh 11 minutes to spare. The result, while not as high as last year, speaks huge volumes for K&D’s strength in depth.

Knowle & Dorridge RC 'A'  4:36:02         
R Michaelsonyeat (25) 29:34 Chris Sharp (25) 30:11 Gareth Wainwrigh (22) 30:31 Darren John (28) 32:51 Daniel Malone (29) 19:02 Gregory Turner (32) 19:21 Torsten Roesler (29) 18:44 David Carbutt (28) 18:48 Gary Polhill (26) 17:54 Nicholas Woolley (21) 17:42 Ian Voaden (28) 22:15 Stuart Male (27) 19:09