Rome with a Phew and Solihull Half Smashed

Continuing our week of results… 

Rome Marathon:

Congratulations to Smita Deshpande and Subhash Agarwalla who ran the Rome Marathon at the weekend. Running together, helping each other through… until Smita dipped Subhash on the line for the win. We’re all friends until the finish line! Well done Smita. 

Smita writes a rather lovely blog – her London post is particularly great:

London Marathon 2017: A dream we dared to dream

Hopefully Smita will share some of the stories from Rome! Well done to Smita and Subhash on running 5:25:16 and 5:25:18. Although you could have found a better location to take a picture with your medals. You’re right in front of some old ruin…

Solihull Half Marathon:

Less scenic. Although the country lane’s round here aren’t too shabby. 

Knowle and Dorridge dominated the 2nd Solihull Half. Taking in the lovely Blythe Valley Business Park (Souless…) but then going out into much nicer territory around Earlswood it proved a good day for the K&D Massive results wise.

Chris Sharp smashed 1:12:55 for first man and a new course record and club record. Jack Bristow took bronze in a big PB of 1:18:59 and K&D men took 7 of the top 12 places.

Rosie Marsh picked up bronze for the women but was made to work for it by Emma Lowe who chased her all the way home – both women recording superb new PB’s of 1:33:11 and 1:33:27. On. Fire.

Not all the K&D Club names seem to be on the results – so if I’ve missed you when I’ve scanned the list let me know and i’ll update the results! Same with PB’s, i’ve updated the one’s I can remember but you all ran so well I’ve forgotten some…

Full Results:
Chris Sharp – 1:12:55 (PB/Club Record/Course Record/Disgustingly Fast Time)
Jack Bristow – 1:18:59 (PB)
Rob Michaelson-Yeates – 1:19:16
Darren John – 1:21:44
Tim Price – 1:22:25
Torsten Roesler – 1:23:42
Paul Bentley – 1:24:25
Richard Dixon – 1:28:16
Rosie Marsh – 1:33:11 (PB)
Emma Lowe – 1:33:27 (PB)
Steve Armstrong – 1:36:29
Jack Whitehouse – 1:36:52 (PB)
Claire Magee – 1:38:55
Gary Welsh – 1:40:38
Ian Naisbitt – 1:44:48
Kathy Bailey – 1:49:59
Mark Cordiner-Barton – 1:51:16
Karen Ratcliffe – 1:52:49
Steve Marks –  1:53:59
Rob Stewart – 1:54:36 (PB)
Kate Marsh – 1:59:14
Sandrine Gacon – 2:01:07
Linda Whitehead – 2:12:30
Keith Whitehead – 2:12:30
Andrea Blewitt – 2:14:12