Sarah Connors Physiotherapy Online Video Content


We hope everyone had a superb Easter. Hopefully you all took the time to enjoy even more quality time with those people you nest with. And nobody else. For those of you with aches and pains from watching 5 series of Community on Netflix in one week our resident physio-extraordinaire Sarah Connors has been dropping content that’s more exciting that a Green and Gold pair of Yeezey’s. I wonder what Kanye’s 5k PB is?

Sarah’s now even got a Facebook page for her physiotherapist practice. No longer is her work top-secret; her work with some of the finest athletes in the world (K&D) and Team GB athletes is now free in the wilds of facebook.

Sarah’s Physiotherapy Facebook Page: Sarah Connors Physiotherapy Facebook

Sarah’s YouTube channel can be found here: Sarah Connors Physiotherapy YouTube

Sarah’s YouTube will give you a whole host of videos containing helpful exercises and quality advice.

It also gives me an excuse to post about Sarah which is needed because she’s great.