SGM – Membership Fee Proposal – 13th March


Dear All K&D’ers,

Following the club committee meeting on 30/01/2019 the club committe have called an SGM for the 13th March 2018 after training is concluded.

The purpose of this SGM is to put the issue of membership fees to the club body. The membership fee of £35 has stood since the club’s inception a decade ago. As chair I firmly believe the access to the club should be kept as low as possible to encourage growth, diversity of membership and a very small barrier to participation.

However a number of factors are pressuring the club:

1) Streamlining of Membership: It can take a number if weeks to process your membership application leading to issues with registering for races, claiming discounts etc. The committee are proposing to use the automated EA payments system. This however comes at a cost of around 75p per member. With 260 members, and current growth rates suggesting up to 300 by next year this improvement does come at a cost annually. This will however mean that as soon as you pay the amount owed you will be a registered athlete. No more delays.

2) HQ: St Philips is now due to be knocked down in a relatively short time frame. Knowle FC remain the favoured option. However other options are being explored where suggested. We have benefitted massively from the kindness of St. Philips to accomodate us below market rate. But we cannot guarantee rent won’t rise in forthcoming years.

There are of course other considerations such as training costs, increased fee’s to other bodies for affiliations, increased entry fee’s due to popularity of road race leagues abd cross country, increased Arden 9 costs as well as exploring club generated development ideas.

The club committe therefore propose a small increase in membership fee from £35 to £38 annually. This falls under clause 7.16 of the club constitution:

7.16 determine membership fees for approval at the AGM or a SGM and to collect the same promptly;

The SMG has been called so that the fee can be implemented in time for the year 2019/20 season starting 1st April.

The club is currently running at a surplus of c.£1,000 to £1,500 per year however in the current climate we are acutely aware that a proposal to generate an extra c.£600-£900 per year would give us just a little more safety net to meet members needs and build reserves for any future HQ proposals, club developments or changes in circumstance.

A vote will be held on 13th March 2019.

Each member is entitled to one vote.

Anyone unable to attend can issue a proxy vote by email at any point from 1st Feb to 8am on Wed 13th March to

The proxy vote needs only be an email indicating For or Against. Should the number of proxy votes For or Against surpass 50% of club membership by 8am on 12th March the club will be notified that the resolution will pass and the fee will change to £38 annually. As the member fee is not explicitely stated in the club contitution voting will take place under clause 13.1:

13.1[…]All members shall have one vote unless disqualified from voting by this constitution. Votes may be given personally, or by proxy from another member present with satisfactory written evidence of voting authority and instructions.  Questions arising at a general meeting shall be determined by a simple majority of votes save for resolutions to dissolve the club, to amalgamate with another club or to change the constitution as set out below.  Every vote or resolution submitted to a meeting shall be decided by a show of hands including proxies and in the case of an equality of votes the chair of the meeting may have a casting vote;

While any increase in fees is regretable in comparison I still believe a fee of £38 meets the needs outlined and offers excellent value. Other club charges per year are as follows:
S&SH AC: £62 (Seniors),
Balsall Common RC: £45,
Spa Striders: £64.,
Massey Runners: £33
BRAT: £53
Leamington C&AC : £61 (£91 with Track Access)

I hope you will understand the need for the small change and appreciate efforts by the committee to keep costs as low as possible. Something we will continue to be committed to in future, while still delivering innovative initiatives. We believe it has been a key part of our development and as we firmly believe it makes for a more inclusive, diverse and progressive club.

Best regards,
Darren John