Thank You to Jonathan Randall and Retiring Committee Members


Your new Committee would like to put on record our sincere thanks to Jonathan Randall and the retiring committee members. 

Jonathan has been a steady hand in choppy waters. Over the last 6 months he has steered the club in a calm assured manner while circumstances beyond our control have thrown a number of major challenges at him. Personally, as the new chair, I’d like to thank Jonathan for handing over a club that has grown in strength despite setbacks. 

Thanks also to Simon Bentley who has delivered a men’s team of strength and depth that can compete nationally. He has, over the last 4 years (including his 6 month sabbatical), encouraged the men to deliver a high performance culture that has bred success.

Sally Anderson has been our Secretary and done lots of the ‘boring’ work of minutes, agendas, club race entries and the like that often gets overlooked but is vital to a well functioning club. Thank you for all the work we often forget about; I’m sure Jo Tork will get a folder full of instructions!

Not forgetting Chris Morgan, James Taylor and Dave Monk who have at various times of their committee-ships chipped in with sensible advice, pitched in when needed, and represented the club in distinguished fashion.

The new committee would like to thank you all for your efforts and leaving us with a club that is stronger than ever, inclusive and progressive. Though don’t expect that to be enough for us to let you off one last 800m rep on a Wednesday night in December.

Regards and thanks,

The Committee.