The Chair’s Christmas Message

Hello Team,

I’m approaching the end of my first tenure as K&D Chair in April. I have loved helping to lead the club through it’s growth in membership, rapid progress in performances. I take great pride in the achievement of our members. 

In the interests of good governance I firmly believe that we should regularly rotate roles within club management. I am happy to serve one more two year term as club chair should the club membership see fit.

However, I am also open to continuing to do the majority of my work for the club while handing over the chairship should any of our members feel that they could bring their skills to the post. The wellbeing & development of our club and its members is the prime motivation as chair and i’m sure there are people within our ranks that can contribute skills that  I do not have. And probably better jokes. 

Primary for the next two years would be the securing and founding of the club’s home base at St. Phillips, Knowle FC or elsewhere. Chairship also entails attending AGM’s for leagues, being a figurehead on Weds (and Mon’s but not essential) and oversight of the Arden 9 (alongside the Arden 9 Race Director). There is also the passing of the WRRL mantle to K&D. We’re currently investigating the requirements for this. I’m happy to continue most of the jobs I do now to allow any new chair to concentrate on the primary jobs.

As I say, I am very happy in the role of chair but do firmly believe that we should rotate at a maximum 4 year tenure. Should anyone feel they could bring skills to the above jobs please feel free to email me at

Otherwise i’ll happily make rubbish jokes at the expense of your surnames for the next 2 years. Should anyone wish to assume a vice-chair role for the next 2 years in the view of taking the crown in 2021 then I would also be happy to discuss with anyone interested. 

Jo Tork suggested any potential chairs and I battle for the crown stripped to the waist and oiled up. Luckily we’ll just take and emailed expression of interest.

Congratulations on an incredible year for K&D. Your support and dedication is an inspiration. Watching our women’s XC team grow in confidence and numbers has been my personal highlight but everyone deserves great credit for what we have all achieved. 250+ members, PB’s galore, a happy cohesive growing club with great people doing great things at all levels. Thank you.

Best Christmasy Wishes to you all. 

Darren John