Kenilworth Half Marathon

Many thanks to guest editor and Ladies Captain Katie Price for this week’s report

This week has seen many members taking on the heat again whether for parkrun, races or for a training run.

First up is the annual local Kenilworth Half Marathon which saw 25 Members taking on the Warwickshire hilly countryside in what has been described as Brutal by some that took part in the heat, but still a great local event. First home was Mick Williamson in 16th place, and our first lady to finish was Anna Delaney who also managed a PB within this heat. Well done to all of you, I hope you have all managed to rehydrate now and have some rest. Results are below:

Michael Williamson    1:21:15

Matt Hipwell               1:22:47

Anthony Ellis               1:27:26

Paul Bentley                1:28:39

Rob Mundy                 1:34:17

Grant Huddleston       1:35:19

Anna Delaney             1:40:20

David Rose                  1:41:26

Juliet Jones                  1:42:32

Steve Armstrong         1:43:36

Kate Leeson                1:44:54

Max Mladenovic         1:43:43

Gareth Jones               1:45:27

Sam Checkett              1:52:20

David Hooper              1:52:53

Graham Edwards        1:57:00

Lloyd Barton               1:58:51

Nicky Evans                 2:01:52

Rob Stewart                2:01:53

Keith Whitehead         2:08:08

Bruce Hampton          2:15:27

Russell Davies             2:25:06

Linda Whitehead        2:35:53

Great North Run

We had four K&D members taking on the biggest half marathon in the world, which also saw Mo Farah take on his last ever race as well as past club member Rachel Gifford starting with the elite ladies and finishing 17 th .
Kev Tomkinson had his annual trip to Newcastle and says he will be back next year, and Club Secretary Jo Tork came back from a long term injury to take on the best half marathon in the heat. I wonder if anyone had an ice cream at mile 11 like I did last year?! The results were:
Kev Tomkinson 2:14:55
Alice Longe 2:09:17
Jo Tork 2:55:16
Fiona Holland 2:59:47

Next week sees the next instalment of the Warwickshire Road Race League in the Balsall Common Fun Run with a 5k or 10k lap options. It is a great local race which takes on the roads of Balsall Common where families can even take part if your family fancy joining you, or plenty of room for them to cheer if you want to take part but are in need of some support. It is for a local charity Lily Mae Foundation which supports families including some club members and friends who have been affected by the death of a baby.

Parkrun Roundup

Still lots of touristing going on, and well done  to Jess Woolley for a new PB in Edinburgh, George Spann in Cannon Hill, Pip Towers in Edgbaston Reservoir and Nigel Collins in Barnstaple. There were lots of members taking part across the country whilst on their travels, plus the many numbers at Brueton. Last week I did my 50th different event and it would be good to hear from others about what challenges or milestones you have achieved recently on your parkrun journey, or any that you have coming up soon. Full results are below:

Parkrun/Name Position Time PB or Top 3
Edinburgh parkrun
Jessica WOOLLEY 53 00:21:11 PB!
Town Moor parkrun
Jo TORK 461 00:38:20
Brueton parkrun
Gareth WAINWRIGHT 1 00:16:58 1st overall
Ainsley WAINWRIGHT 8 00:19:26
Matthew RAY 18 00:20:37
Chris MORGAN 27 00:21:31
Ian NAISBITT 36 00:22:24
Sam CHECKETT 46 00:22:45
Paul WILLIAMS 57 00:23:26
Cameron BROWN 62 00:23:50
Mark GALE 73 00:24:10
Hannah HOPKIN 84 00:24:39
John GARSIDE 99 00:25:33
Chris RAW 100 00:25:34
Kay ADENIPEKUN 137 00:27:03
Sandra BOOT 144 00:27:18
Sarah CATTELL 145 00:27:19
Nicky EVANS 146 00:27:20
Victoria COOK 151 00:27:34
Tanya CRONIN 168 00:28:20
Neil DRAYCOTT 180 00:28:51
Kerry WHITEHILL 199 00:29:20
Robert STEWART 245 00:30:48
Alan C MARSHALL 287 00:33:05
Sally ANDERSON 288 00:33:05
Carly MITCHELL 303 00:33:56
Jon BEECH 353 00:37:47
Penny TAYLOR 383 00:41:48
Oxana HAFEEZ 388 00:43:39
Marie HOWARTH 391 00:45:46
Cannon Hill parkrun, Birmingham
George SPANN 62 00:21:50 PB!
Samantha EDGINTON 382 00:32:55
Karen RATCLIFFE 549 00:49:39
Gunnersbury parkrun
Angela KIKUGAWA 290 00:30:29
Barnstaple parkrun
Nigel COLLINS 73 00:29:34 PB!
Cheltenham parkrun
Bruce HAMPTON 248 00:29:08
Temple Newsam parkrun
Alison GIBLIN 130 00:39:01
Kingsbury Water parkrun
Monica GREEN 21 00:21:55 2nd Lady
Sheffield Castle parkrun
Ben JONES 6 00:23:07
Conwy parkrun
Stephen RAY 43 00:24:02
Bedworth parkrun
Steve MARKS 107 00:43:52
Warwick Racecourse parkrun
Paul BAKER 6 00:18:56
Daniel GREGORY 59 00:24:26
Neil LETHAM 151 00:29:04
Oaklands parkrun
Noel KELLY 18 00:24:34
Keith WHITEHEAD 30 00:27:23
Kevin TOMKINSON 33 00:27:42
Edgbaston Reservoir parkrun
Philippa TOWERS 249 00:32:00 PB!
Holbrooks parkrun
Pete MAKEPEACE 69 00:29:50