The Arden 9: WRRL League Race 4

The 2023 Arden 9 saw 296 runners from the local area complete the K&organised race around the countryside lanes of Solihull. It was a party atmosphere in Hampton this morning with everyone working together to ensure we had an event for everyone to enjoy. We’d like to say a HUGE thank you to all the club members who have worked very hard over the last couple of months to ensure the event went ahead (including Darren John who took over last minute as event director even though he is no longer an official member now) and to all those that were on course very early this morning making sure the event was set up ready so we could start on time. Thanks also to everyone that made a cake, and relative and family and sponsors who played their part and finally thanks to everyone that has worked hard behind the scenes and stayed afterwards to help clean up and pack away. Full results below, and well done to Gareth Wainwright, Matt Hipwell, Mick Williamson and Lewis Towers who took the men’s team prize. K&D results below:

Gareth Wainwright                51:28 3rd place

Matt Hipwell                           52:27

Mick Williamson                     53:12

Lewis Towers                         59:47

Paul Bentley                          1:00;06 2nd in age category

Lee Brotherhood                   1:01:56

Grant Huddleston                  1:02:21

David Rose                            1:04:36

Anna Delaney                        1:05:07 1st in age category

Juliet Jones                            1:05:26

Ed Bower                               1:06:26

Kate Leeson                          1:07:49

Steve Armstrong                   1:08:45

David Hooper                         1:10:52

Kerry Thompson                    1:11:03

Daniel Gregory                      1:11:06

Sam Checkett                        1:13:22

Lloyd Barton                          1:14:03

Graham Edwards                  1:14;34

Alan Green                             1:15:42

Rob Stewart                           1:17:02

Mark Gale                              1:17:08

Martin Hancock                     1:17:20

Karen Elwell                           1:18:21

Kev Tomkinson                      1:18:23

Andy Hawkins                        1:18:31

Lucy Chapman                      1:19:06

Imogen Rowe                        1:20:14

Bruce Hampton                     1:25:31

Chris Wellings                       1:26:13

Janice Lisiecki                       1:26:30

Rob Muntz                             1:30:31

Nicky Evans                           1:34;45

Tanya Cronin                         1:34:45

Pippa Towers                         1:39:23