Thanks to Ladies Captain Katie Price for compiling this week’s RUNDOWN!

Well where do we start after a mammoth of a week for all things running, cycling and swimming for K&D members?

LEJOG 1000-mile Cycle 

Firstly, lets talk about Jude Mansfield and her friend Nadine. On the 1st June they left Lands End in Cornwall on a massive 10 day cycling adventure to the top of the UK in John O’Groats. They averaged around 96 miles a day, taking on some of the hilliest roads in the country, and still appeared to be looking fresh and smiling at the end of each day. They did the adventure to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support and a time of writing this they have raised a massive £4,105 smashing their original target. If you would like to add to their sponsorship use the link . Hopefully Jude can do us an article when she is feeling refreshed and ready to do one for us.


Then Wednesday saw a quiet club night as 34 members were taking on the popular Sphinx 5, which a quick course around Coventry Memorial park, with an extra bonus of cakes at the end. This is the busy period of the WRRL with a number of races all quite close together. Don’t forget we have Arden 9 coming up next week, and there are still spaces for runners, volunteers and cake contributions

Lots of amazing results from Sphinx as below:

Matt Hipwell               28:06

Mick Williamson         28:59

Rene Vergo                 29:08

Torsten Roesler           30:12

David Carbutt              30:17

James Taylor               31:41

Lewis Towers              32:08

Lee Botherhood          32:31

David Rose                  33:10

Grant Huddleston       34:33

Matthew Ray              34:33

Sam Checkett              34:38

Juliet Jones                  34:41

Gary Hotchkiss            35:00

Anna Delaney             35:06

Kerry Thompson         35:27

Kate Leeson                35:37

Steve Armstrong         36:43

Caroline Park              37:24

David Hooper              37:30

Graham Edwards        38:08

Stephen Ray                38:08

Mark Gale                   38:15

Mike Durkin                38:35

Nicky Evans                 38:42

Karen Elwell                40:05

Camille Neal                40:16

Lucy Chapman            40:20

Paul Winwood            40:23

Alan Green                  40:31

Catherine Hoctchkiss  41:05

John Garside               41:21

Bruce Hampton          42:48

Amelia Crees               43:01

Jemma Phelps             43:24

Alice Longe                 44:47

Tanya Cronin               45:38

Pippa Towers              52:35


Then we have the usual parkrun round up, with a special mention to Kev Tomkinson who completed his 500th parkrun this weekend alongside his son Benjamin who also completed his 50th, so there was cake and fancy dress to go with the celebrations. Well done to you both. It seems the good weather and people on holidays and travelling has encouraged people to try out different parkruns further afield.

Leamington parkrun

Nigel Foster                 29:09 with a course PB

Arrow Valley

James Taylor               22:53

Tasha Campbell          26:54

Mike McDonald          31:31

Camille Neal                31:32


Gareth Wainwright     16:44- first place

Mick Williamson         17:50

Torsten Roesler           18:35

Paul Bentley                19:35

Matthew Ray              20:37

Monica Green             21:26- first lady

Kate Leeson                21:30 with a new PB

Ian Nessbitt                 21:55

Anna Delaney             22:35

Brian Corr                    23:12

Jessica Woolley           23:14

Pete Makepiece          23:40

Louise Bell                   23:55

Paul Winwood            24:14

Jane Hunt                    24:20

Graham Edwards        24:22

Rahul Menon              24:47

John Garside               25:46

Joanne Ray                  26:30

Sarah Cattell               26:41

Vic Cook                      27:09

Nicky Evans                 27:13

Lisa Ray                       27:32

Anthony Ellis               28:58

Kerry Whitehill            29:39

Alison Giblin                35:16

Kev Tomkinson           39:28

Jenni Tomkinson         39;46

Karen Ratcliffe            56:18 as tail walker

Alley Pally parkrun

Louise Taylor               34:04

Rotherham parkrun

Ben Jones                    24:04

Kingsbury Water parkrun

David Carbutt              22:56

The Wammy

Bruce Hampton          25:37

The Old Showfield parkrun

George De Bolla          18:56

Babbs Mill parkrun

Lewis Towers              22:49

Lucy Chapman            26:00

Neil Latham                 27:38

Warwick Racecourse parkrun

Ian Maidment             19:39

Oaklands parkrun

Rob Ambrose              18:18

Kay Adenipekun          26:00

Edgbaston Reservoir

Kate Marsh                 29:57

Ultra Marathons

Then we have had a couple of members take on challenging Ultra marathons on some hilly terrains with some elevation records to write home about.

Firstly, Simon Fokes took on the Brecon Beacons Ultra completing 55k on extremely challenging terrain in an amazing time of 8 hours and 37 mins, finishing in 22nd with an elevation on 9.2k.

Then Kevin Boake took on the Comrades Ultra Marathon, an 87.5K route across South Africa in an amazing 9 hours and 54 mins. Again another amazing challenge taken on my one of our many members.

In multisport news, Karen Elwell has travelled to Amsterdam to complete in the Tri Amsterdam which consisted of a 0.75K swim, 20k cycle and a 5k run. She completed all of it in 1 hour 29 mins and was first in her age category

Barmouth 10K

Kate O’Hara came back to running with a race at the Barmouth 10k with a great time of 1 hour 1 minute.


Then we had another great turnout at another local event, 32 members took on the race between Warwick castle and Kenilworth castle, which is mostly up hill, and on the hottest day of the year they all did amazing

Matt Hipwell               36:11

Pau Bentley                 41:12

Grant Huddleston       44:00

Lewis Towers              44:10

David Rose                  44:18

Lee Brotherhood        45:13

Anna Delaney             45:39

Juliet Jones                  45:43

Steve Armstrong         47:14

Kerry Thompson         47:25

Lloyd Barton               47:57

Adeba Jama                47:46

David Hooper              49:18

Anthony Dutton          49:25

Max Mladenonvic       50:19

Stephen Ray                50:27

Graham Edwards        50:36

Lucy Chapman            54:53

Alan Green                  54:56

John Garside               54:57

James Hillier                56:57

Bruce Hampton          57:52

Jemma Phelps             57:55

Camille Neal                58:22

Tanya Cronin               1:02:05

Jan Hornby                  1:05:47

Nigel Collins                1:05:52

Amanda Marklew       1:06:16

Siobhan Cotter            1:08:38

Jane Lewis                   1:12:20

Pippa Towers              1:16:49

Alan Marshall              1:24;57

Sammie Edginton        1:24:57


And, finally there has also been the Race for Life in Solihull this Sunday, a 5k race raising awareness of cancer. Nicky Evans took part and was first lady and third overall with an amazing time of 23:45. Well done to her.

To finish of, we still have spaces for Arden 9 and emails will be received today with information relevant to this. And ladies, there are only 10 spaces left for the afternoon tea on 16th July, if you would like a place please message Katie Price on 07803 714550

Well done to all members, and remember keep safe whilst running in this current heat wave.

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