Track Sessions – next Session Tuesday 20th February

Despite the dreadful weather, almost 20 K&D members attended the first track session at Fox Hollies which was a fast-paced mix 0f 400mm, 300m and 200m reps. The session caters for ALL abilities and great to see some of our fastest runners attending too (the run leaders or coaches are always non-running/track-side at these sessions, so no need to try and keep up).

The sessions will run fortnightly, with the next session taking place on Tuesday 20th February (sessions details will be posted in next week’s RUNDOWN). Cost – £4 per session payable in advance via the Club Shop here

Reminder of the details here:
Venue – Fox Hollies Leisure Centre, Shirley Rd, Acocks Green, Birmingham B27 7NS – we meet beside the track (entrance is opposite reception)
Time – 18:30-19:30

XC League Races

Ladies’ Race (by Katie Price)

Ladies Cross Country season has come to an end and what a season we have had. This week Jess Woolley managed another top 10 position, finishing of a great season she has had after returning from the birth of her second son, and I am sure she has come back stronger than before. Well done Jess you have been consistent all season and kept battling up the front against some very young girls.

Then comes the masters with Myshola, Monica, Amanda, Anna and Kate all following on closely behind Jess showing the young girls that age is just a number as we finished 1st in the Masters league. This is a great achievement form our ladies where these ladies have consistently fought in the front pack, challenging each other and taking on the best of the league and showing who is top in the Midlands Cross Country masters league. They have each won themselves a medal which was kindly collected by Vice Captain Katie this weekend.

We have been very lucky with the weather this year as the son has shone in all but one of the meet ups making it great conditions for cross country and encouraging us to hang around and share cakes and chatter which is what makes it all the worth while.

Secondly, I would like to give a big shout out to our chief supporters Jane Evans and Janice Lisiecki, both who came to join us each race with the best support we could all ask for. Jane became our Team Manager who stood in the start pack each time with motivational talks, discussing the routes and taking a ling time to decide where would be her best position to give the best support she can on the course. Thank you Jane your support has been valuable. Hopefully you will be back running with us from the front next season. And to Janice, who came with her best brummy voice shouting from the sides, but most importantly briging cakes that give competition to the lovely Linda’s amazing baking.

A big shout out to Kerry, Linda, Katie, Kathy, Hannah D and Kirsty for also joining the team this season for some of the races. Please come back and try us again as we take on Division 2 again next year. And if you are interested in joining us next season we open up cross country to any ladies in the club that fancy a 5-6k run across the fields (and sometimes hills) with an amazing team spirit and support, and a right old barrel of laughs. All you need is a club top, a good pair of trainers and a personality to take on this amazing team spirit. Your ladies team needs you!

This week’s results in Worcester were as follows:

Jess Woolley               24:18 9th place

Myshola Kirkham       25:12   Myshola has led us each week in the Master league

Amanda O’ Leary       25:13

Monica Green             25:36

Kerry Thomson           27:29

Linda Whitehead        40:38

But overall for the season the ladies finished in the below positions contributing to the final team placing:

Jess Woolley               8th

Myshola Kirkham       16th

Monica Green             19th

Amanda O’Leary        20th

Anna Delaney             26th

Kate Leeson                54th

Men’s XC Race

Spring is fast approaching and therefore unfortunately means the end of the Cross Country Season! The final men’s fixture took place at Top Barn Farm in Worcester, unfortunately seasonal illness as well as some injuries and those training for Marathons meant a fairly weakened team despite fantastic Running from all those involved! Chris Morgan was the first man home in a smoking 36:26 over a fairly firm 10k course despite the recent rain! Matt Hipwell (36:32) Greg Turner (38:26) Torsten Roesler (38:47) Gary Polhill (39:08) and Johnathon Lewis (39:48) all made up the top 6! The Team were 11th overall, with the Masters Team placing an excellent 3rd overall. In the final league standings,  the team finished the season in 10th place out of 14 teams with plenty more to build on next season!

Results for this week’s race are below:

Chris Morgan         36:26   30th

Matt Hipwell          36:32   34th

Greg Turner           38:26.  64th

Torsten Roesler      38:47.  68th

Gary Polhill            39:03  75th

Jonathan Lewis.      39:48  86th

Paul Baker              40:34  98th

Pete Austin             46:48 171st

Ian Voaden             48:57 185th

Steve Whatmore.    50:49 188th

Parkrun Roundup

The wet conditions this week, saw a number of cancellations and course alterations – not least at our home Brueton parkrun, where the course change saw the first 40 or so runners take the wrong course resulting in slower finishing times than usual for these runners. Special mention to Paul Bentley for achieving his 250th volunteering milestone – brilliant effort! A few new parkrun PBs this week: well done to Bruce and Michelle Hampton and to Brian Corr for new PBs at Oaklands, and also to Emma Horsfield and Jane Evans  for 1st and 2nd ladies at Brueton and to Joseph Hook for 1st overall at Knowsley. Full results in the table below:

Parkrun Position Time Top 3 or PB
Coventry parkrun
Neil LETHAM 343 00:28:21
Knowsley parkrun
Joseph HOOK 1 00:18:47 1st Overall
Arrow Valley parkrun
Neil DRAYCOTT 88 00:24:07
Jon BEECH 220 00:27:56
Brueton parkrun
Ainsley WAINWRIGHT 4 00:19:54 3rd overall
Emma HORSFIELD 11 00:20:56 1st Lady
Lewis TOWERS 15 00:21:18
Paul WILLIAMS 16 00:21:19
Paul BENTLEY 17 00:21:22
Ian NAISBITT 22 00:21:39
Jane EVANS 24 00:21:42 2nd Lady
Matthew RAY 31 00:22:05
David ROSE 32 00:22:09
Alan BLACK 60 00:23:18
Cameron BROWN 87 00:24:35
Steve ARMSTRONG 91 00:24:43
Paul O’DONNELL 95 00:24:46
John GARSIDE 96 00:24:47
James TAYLOR 107 00:25:16
Paul WINWOOD 109 00:25:21
Richard LISIECKI 110 00:25:23
Ingrid ROCHELLE 119 00:25:36
Keith WHITEHEAD 121 00:25:38
Lucy CHAPMAN 132 00:25:55
James HILLIER 135 00:26:02
Ian Derek MAIDMENT 139 00:26:09
Sarah CATTELL 144 00:26:22
Victoria COOK 171 00:27:20
Lisa RAY 181 00:27:42
Tasha CAMPBELL 184 00:27:50
Jamie POWER 189 00:28:04
Sandra BOOT 204 00:28:32
Katrina PARKIN 270 00:30:53
Amy BROADFIELD 294 00:31:43
Kerry WHITEHILL 312 00:32:11
Joanne Margaret BROWN 354 00:33:23
Subhash AGARWALLA 411 00:36:12
Katie PRICE 416 00:36:24
Claire DEELEY 429 00:37:17
Penny TAYLOR 432 00:37:28
Smita DESHPANDE 437 00:37:56
Paul JEFFREY 485 00:47:10
Steve MARKS 488 00:50:24
Karen RATCLIFFE 498 01:01:17
Eden Project parkrun
Tanya CRONIN 121 00:28:02
Victoria Dock parkrun
George SPANN 30 00:21:23
Severn Bridge parkrun
Simon BATTSON 116 00:26:15
Oaklands parkrun
Lloyd BARTON 19 00:22:44
Brian CORR 21 00:22:50 PB!
Bruce HAMPTON 33 00:24:36 PB!
Robert STEWART 40 00:24:58
Siobhan COTTER 48 00:25:38
Michelle HAMPTON 86 00:29:32 PB!
Alan C MARSHALL 96 00:30:20
Edgbaston Reservoir parkrun
Kevin TOMKINSON 105 00:25:12
Alison GIBLIN 356 00:46:39
The Great Field parkrun
Kathy BAILEY 91 00:26:48