Thanks to guest editor and Run Leader Coordinator  Chris Wellings for this week’s Run Report:

Run Leader First Aid Training

Saturday afternoon saw 10 run leaders give up their time (4.5 hours) to receive first aid training from St John  Ambulance to ensure they are certified first aiders to UK Athletics category B standard, following new rules/guidelines. The afternoon went quickly and was good fun thanks to Nigel the trainer!! When any of you next see Stephen Ray, make sure you ask him who the most important person is!

I just want to say a big thank you to all of them for giving up their time and ensuring we have a core of qualified leaders at Cat B level to successfully run the club sessions.

Future Race Dates

The Ladies are racing in the Road Relays at Sutton Park next Saturday and Cross Country relays at  Wolverhampton on 21st October

Greg sent out an email regarding men’s cross country events and dates, so please contact him if you’re interested and can/want to get involved. Apparently, the dates on the tracker are the correct ones, not the ones on the email!

Morning Sunday Social Run – Sunday 19th November

Morning social run followed by breakfast and the Drum and Monkey – keep on eye on email/club social pages for further details

Club Christmas Party

Friday 1st December – Club Christmas party, at Dorridge Village Hall. More information to follow soon

Christmas Club Run – Friday 29th December

Christmas Club run with tea/coffee and cake afterwards

K&D Social Events Survey and next steps 

We have received 80 responses to the K&D social events survey, so thanks to those who took the time to complete it. The Committee will analyse the information and report back/consider next steps and potential events in due course.

And finally…

We are always looking for new Run Leaders so if you are interested in becoming one or finding out more about it. Then please contact Chris Wellings (Run leader co-ordinator) or speak to any of the run leaders😊

Leicester Half Marathon and JLR 10k

After all the races and events over last weekend, this one’s been noticeably quieter, with just one event to report on, The Leicester Half Marathon. John-Paul Glassford accepted this challenge, completing the course in the fantastic time of 1:51. Congratulations also to Daniel Gregory completing the JLR 10k Fun Run on laps of the Fen End testing track!

In “social” running, the most miles run prize in one run (for one week only) goes to Bruce Hampton, who started at 21:10 on Saturday night (no he wasn’t pre-loading before going clubbing) and completed a practice run of 32.24 miles 6.5 hours later for the  “Escape Meriden “event in the near future. From looking at his strava map though I don’t fancy his chances of escaping anywhere!! He then managed to be setting up at Junior Brueton park run at 08:30 this morning. What a trooper…. Unless he just slept on a bench in the park!!

I just feel sorry for Greg Turner who ran a 17 mile training run, which on any other weekend would have been enough to claim top spot!

Parkrun Roundup

Saturday saw 62 runners involved across 15 events, including George Spann at Esbjerg park run. A whopping 44 runners completed Brueton park run with the following notable successes:

  • Gareth Wainwright – 1st overall and PB (16:28)
  • Matt Hipwell – 2nd overall (16:47)
  • Ainsley Wainwright – PB (18:17)
  • Sam Checketts – PB (20:14)
  • Anna Delany – 1st Lady (it’s becoming a (nice) habit!) (20:52)
  • Kerry Thompson – 2nd lady (21:24)
  • Gareth Jones – PB (21:56)

At Sandwell Valley, James Taylor was second overall with a time of 20:21, and at Babbs Mill, Neil Letham secured a PB by running 26:49

Full results below:

Parkrun Position Time PB/Top 3
Hampstead Heath parkrun
Imogen ROWE 225 00:29:28
Endcliffe parkrun
Ben JONES 248 00:24:59
Esbjerg parkrun
George SPANN 4 00:21:19
Brueton parkrun
Gareth WAINWRIGHT 1 00:16:28 1st overall & PB!
Matt HIPWELL 2 00:16:47 2nd overall
Gary POLHILL 5 00:18:13
Ainsley WAINWRIGHT 6 00:18:17 PB!
Joseph HOOK 8 00:18:42
Paul BENTLEY 12 00:19:06
Sam CHECKETT 24 00:20:14 PB!
Matthew RAY 28 00:20:31
Anna DELANEY 31 00:20:52 1st Lady
Kerry Ann THOMPSON 37 00:21:24 2nd lady
Kate LEESON 39 00:21:38
Paul WILLIAMS 40 00:21:39
Pete MAKEPEACE 44 00:21:49
Nicola FERDINAND 45 00:21:50
Gareth JONES 48 00:21:56 PB!
Alan BLACK 49 00:21:58
Ian NAISBITT 51 00:22:00
Lewis TOWERS 60 00:22:33
Paul O’DONNELL 67 00:23:18
Cameron BROWN 70 00:23:26
Martin HANCOCK 71 00:23:26
Max MLADENOVIC 78 00:23:47
Chris RAW 91 00:24:10
Jane HUNT 94 00:24:14
John GARSIDE 102 00:24:28
Lloyd BARTON 109 00:24:33
Kay ADENIPEKUN 110 00:24:34
Stephen RAY 118 00:24:42
Kevin TOMKINSON 117 00:24:42
Joanne RAY 119 00:24:43
Paul WINWOOD 123 00:24:54
Keith WHITEHEAD 150 00:25:49
Lisa RAY 214 00:27:44
Angela KIKUGAWA 220 00:28:15
Siobhan COTTER 292 00:30:23
Jenni TOMKINSON 373 00:33:20
Alan C MARSHALL 376 00:33:33
Alison GIBLIN 381 00:33:38
Penny TAYLOR 433 00:37:13
Sandra BOOT 442 00:39:16
Steve MARKS 452 00:41:07
Paul JEFFREY 469 00:43:48
Jo TORK 482 00:55:46
Karen RATCLIFFE 498 01:14:10
Sandwell Valley parkrun
James TAYLOR 2 00:20:21 2nd Overall
Fountains Abbey parkrun
Brian CORR 80 00:24:23
Sutton Park parkrun
Carly MITCHELL 212 00:32:04
Kerry WHITEHILL 213 00:32:05
Babbs Mill parkrun
Neil LETHAM 29 00:26:49 !PB
Ross-on-Wye parkrun
Bruce HAMPTON 20 00:25:31
Warwick Racecourse parkrun
Kate MARSH 210 00:30:34
Oaklands parkrun
Robert STEWART 46 00:27:09
Rothay Park parkrun
Russell DAVIES 18 00:22:39
Edgbaston Reservoir parkrun
Mike MCDONALD 89 00:25:11
University of Northampton parkrun
Ian Derek MAIDMENT 57 00:26:56
Holbrooks parkrun
Steve ARMSTRONG 25 00:23:55