Ladies XC League Race – the last one!

Saturday saw the final race in the Midlands XC league for the ladies XC team, who achieved a superb season’s best team placing of 10th overall in the very competitive Division 1, which looks like it’s more than enough to keep the Ladies in up in this Division for next season. Jane Evans  led the team home coming 10th overall, and 2nd Masters Lady. She was closely followed by Flick Sharp, Jess Woolley and Amanda O’Leary, with the remainder of the team finishing close behind, with all the recent hard work and training clearly paying off.

Sadly Monica Green, Kathy Bailey, Lissy Calvert and Linda Whitehead didn’t make it to the race as they were involved in a car accident on the way there, ending up in a field after a car failed to stop at a junction and hit them. Thankfully everyone is OK, though understandably shaken – rest and recover well ladies x

Name Age Cat Time Position Cat Position
Jane Evans Masters 00:25:21 10 2
Jess Woolley Senior 00:26:39 32 16
Flick Sharp Senior 00:28:31 61 30
Amanda O’Leary Masters 00:29:49 79 28
Rosie England Senior 00:31:23 107 44
Kerry Thompson Masters 00:32:06 115 48
Kate Leeson Masters 00:32:34 122 53
Adeba Jama Masters 00:32:45 126 55
Hannah Gibson Masters 00:32:48 127 56
Jude Mansfield Masters 00:33:40 135 62
Jemma Phelps Masters 00:37:22 154 79
Sara Rowell Masters 00:40:56 162 85
Sam Edgington Masters 00:43:58 168 91

Men’s XC Race – also the last one!

The final XC league race of the season at Newbold Comyn saw the men compete alongside the ladies. Unfortunately illness and injury depleted the squad a little but we managed to get a strong number out despite the wet and windy conditions! Chris Ashford powered through the mud to lead the team home. A special shout out to Richard Dixon who came out of semi-retirement to roll back the years and take on uni students a third of his age to come in as 4th counter for the team! Unfortunately we didn’t quite do enough to avoid relegation due to injuries and illness (we certainly would have had a fighting chance with our strongest team out for every race). Let’s look forward to being competitive in Division 2 next season!

Thanks to all that have raced this season, Sharpy

Name Time Position
Chris Ashford 00:39:13 60
Chris Sharp 00:39:46 70
Christopher Thorley 00:41:45 105
Richard Dixon 00:42:30 122
Gregory Turner 00:44:02 144
Robert Mundy 00:44:03 145
Paul Baker 00:44:19 148
Paul Bentley 00:48:19 179
Pete Austin 00:51:23 200
Ian Voaden 00:53:42 206