The RUNDOWN 26th May: Hilly 100, Manchester 10k, Edinburgh Marathon & HM

Edinburgh Marathon & HM

Bruce Hampton and Lucy Chapman took part in the Edinburgh Marathon. Bruce crossed the line in a brilliant time of 4.07 closely followed by Lucy in 4.09

George De Bolla and Neil & Kushla Letham ran the Edinburgh HM, finishing in 1hr18 and 2hr09 (PB) respectively. Well done all!

Great Manchester Run

Graham Edwards ran the Great Manchester 10k crossing the line in 52minutes

Hilly 100

Well done to all the 10 K&D runners who took on the hilly 100 relay, each doing a 10mile leg around the Cotswolds. Official results to follow!

Leg 1: Tasha Campbell 1hr35

Leg 2: Mark Aymes 1hr26

Leg 3: Tim Price 1hr 12

Leg 4: Chris Thorley 1hr06

Leg 5: Craig Campbell 1hr28

Leg 6: Lewis Towers 1hr16

Leg 7: Gareth Jones 1hr13

Leg 8: Katie Price 1hr40

Leg 9: Sam Checkett 1hr16

Leg 10: Myshola Kirkham

Karen Elwell completed the Barry Island sprint triathlon in 1hr26- well done!