Midlands Counties Road Relays: great turnout and results from K&D!

The sun shone on Sutton Park for the return of the Midland Counties road relays, seeing over 200 Men’s & Ladies teams taking part in one of the biggest events in the event’s history – 89 senior men’s teams and 89 senior ladies teams. There were a record 6 teams from K&D taking part (2 x men’s teams of 6, plus 4 x ladies’ teams of 4, with the men running a slightly longer distance than the ladies) with some excellent results. The Men’s A team of Chris Sharp, Gareth Wainwright, Nick Woolley, Habib Farazmand, Chris Revell and Gary Polhill came an amazing 13th overall, and best performance ever in this event. A special mention to Nick Woolley who was 5th fastest of all the leg 5 runners.

A selection of photos from the ladies appears below the results summary, but unfortunately we haven’t been able to find any of the men (to quote Men’s Captain Chris: “we were rubbish at photos”)

K&D Men’s A
Overall place:  13th  Time:    01:58:59
Chris Sharp Habib Farazmand
Gareth Wainwright Chris Revell
Nick Woolley Gary Polhill
K&D Men’s B
Overall place:  52nd Time:    02:18:33
Paul Bentley Darren John
Michael Williamson Robert Mundy
Paul Baker David Carbutt
K&D Ladies’ A
Overall place:  39th Time:   01:16:01
Jess Woolley Kerry Thompson
Amanda O’Leary Nicola Ferdinand
K&D Ladies’ B
Overall place: 64th Time:   01:23:51
Caroline Park Karen Bell
Kathy Bailey Emma Donnelly
K&D Ladies’ C
Overall place: 77th Time:   01:35:23
Sarah Connors Lorna Davies
Katie Price Amanda Crees
K&D Ladies’ D
Overall place: 78th Time:   01:35:46
Amelia Crees Christine Yarnell
Janice Lisiecki Louise Taylor

Cathedral to Castle 10miler and Tissington Trail Half Marathon

Fresh from the road relays the previous day, Caroline Park raced the 10 miler from from Lichfield Cathedral, passing through Hopwas Woods and finishing at Tamworth Castle in a speedy time of 1:22:15, finishing 31st lady in 148th place overall. Tanya Cronin also ran, finishing in 1:52:09 in 670th place overall

4 of our runners travelled to Derbyshire to take on the scenic Tissington Trail half marathon. The Trail is on the former railway line from Ashbourne to Buxton, running from Parsley Hay to Ashbourne in Derbyshire, with a bonus of the route being slightly downhill all the way.  Special mentions for Louise Bell and Paul O’Donnell who were 1st and 2nd respectively in their Age Cats, with Lorraine Hobbs and Jason Pitcher also coming top 5 in age cat.

Name  Age Cat Chip time Position Cat Position
Paul O’Donnell MV50 01:36:51 15 2
Jason Pitcher MV45 01:37:51 18 5
Louise Bell FV45 01:38:01 20 1
Lorraine Hobbs FV50 01:47:32 33 3

Parkrun roundup

A consistently busy parkrun week for K&D runners across the country, with just one PB this week at Brueton: well done Estelle Palmer!  Further afield, PBs also for Pete Makepeace at Arrow parkrun, David John at Bedworth and Russell Singleton at Bolberry Down.

Parkrun  Position Time PB/Place
Brueton parkrun
Gregory TURNER 2 00:19:14
Ed BOWER 4 00:19:43
Michael SWANN 6 00:19:55
Mike DURKIN 27 00:21:50
Russell DAVIES 34 00:22:14
Adeba JAMA 37 00:22:17
Alan GREEN 59 00:23:28
Steve ARMSTRONG 62 00:23:41
John GARSIDE 68 00:23:49
Russell PALMER 79 00:24:27
Estelle PALMER 83 00:24:34 PB!
Hannah HOPKIN 119 00:25:52
Richard LISIECKI 123 00:26:02
Sarah CATTELL 129 00:26:25
Nick BURKE 151 00:27:28
Kevin TOMKINSON 159 00:27:51
Robert STEWART 170 00:28:01
Kay ADENIPEKUN 171 00:28:03
Alice GREEN 173 00:28:07
Jon BEECH 184 00:28:28
Katrina PARKIN 196 00:28:47
Siobhan O’DONNELL 243 00:30:24
Sandra BOOT 244 00:30:26
Neil LETHAM 270 00:31:21
Paul O’DONNELL 276 00:31:53
Samantha EDGINTON 278 00:31:59
Claire DEELEY 292 00:32:39
Carly MITCHELL 308 00:33:39
Marie HOWARTH 365 00:42:13
Oxana HAFEEZ 366 00:42:16
Penny TAYLOR 376 00:52:46
Lissy CALVERT 377 00:52:48
Gail PARTRIDGE 378 00:53:07
Sally ANDERSON 379 00:53:08
Jenni TOMKINSON 383 00:54:43
Stephen RAY 385 00:57:19
Coventry parkrun
Sam WEBSTER 218 00:28:34
Oxford parkrun
Imogen ROWE 139 00:25:13
Newtown parkrun
Caroline EDWARDS 65 00:32:11
Graham EDWARDS 66 00:32:13
Arrow Valley parkrun
Pete MAKEPEACE 13 00:20:44 PB!
Killerton parkrun
Monica GREEN 89 00:29:38
Medina I.O.W. parkrun
Alison GIBLIN 123 00:35:14
Queen Elizabeth parkrun
Ainsley WAINWRIGHT 9 00:21:58
Swansea Bay parkrun
Brian CORR 55 00:21:55
Bedworth parkrun
David JOHN 94 00:30:45 PB!
Uckfield parkrun
Adam O’NIONS 9 00:23:21
Babbs Mill parkrun
Phil WOOD 14 00:23:10
Milford Waterfront parkrun
Steve MARKS 50 00:38:17
Warwick Racecourse parkrun
Lloyd BARTON 21 00:22:27
Bolberry Down parkrun
Russell SINGLETON 13 00:25:01 PB!
Woodgate Valley Country Park parkrun
Darren JOHN 3 00:19:38