THE RUNDOWN – 26TH SEPTEMBER: Road Relays, Berlin Marathon, Tissington Half, Bristol Half and Robin Hood Half and Parkrun

It’s been a busy week at K&D with the Road Relays, Berlin Marathon, Tissington Half, Bristol Half and Robin Hood Half. It’s the week that the Marathon World Record was broken yet again by Eliud Kipchoge in an amazing time of 2:01:09 (Paul club chairman has sent him his link to join K&D), it’s the week K&D men and Ladies A Teams have both qualified for the Nationals at the Road Relays and the evening sun has disappeared taking us all back onto the residential streets on Knowle for our club runs again.

Yes the nights are darker again, so it’s time to get the Hi Viz colours and lights back as part of your running gear again.


The weekend started with its usual parkrun routine. Jane Evans was first lady in Derbyshire whilst on her holidays.

At Brueton David Rose was the first K&D male home in 19:28 and 4th place, and Jane Hunt was first K&D lady back in 77th and 24:25.

Results are:

David Rose 19:28

Lewis Towers 20:29

Ainsley Wainwright 21:20

Neil Draycott 22:20

Alan Green 22:53 PB-tastic too!

Paul Winwood 23:17

Martin Hancock 23:34

Mike Durkin 23:36

Jane Hunt 24:25

Kevin Tomkinson 24:33

Mark Gale 24:44

Russel Palmer 24:51

Kay Adenipekun 25:22

Tanya Cronin26:47

Nick Burke 27:03

Kelly Cridland 27:11

Neil Letham 27:27

Nicky Evans 28:13

Alice Green 28:19

Rob Stewart 28:57

Lucy Chapman 28:59

Lynsey Drakeley 30:26

Geoff Lewis 30:27

Claire Maggs 30:40

Sandra Boot 33:24

Siobhan Cotter 34:30

Ann Spencer- Dowdeswell 34:30

Alan Marshall 34:32

Sally Anderson 34:45

Sarah Laxton 34:54

Katie Price 35:55

Penny Taylor 39:13

Manjit Uppal 39:14

Lissy Calvert 39:50

Oxana Hafeez 39:50

Cannon Hill

Pete Makepience 25:40

Darlington South Park

Jake Duddy 23:26

Sutton Park

James Taylor 21:43


Jon Beech 22:07

Edgbaston Reservoir

Louise Taylor  37:07

Paul Jeffrey 39:12

Woodgate Velley Country Park

Darren John 20:14

Asbourne Recreation Ground

Jane Evans- First Lady 19:44, well done Jane!

Midlands Road Relays

This is a chance for all the running clubs in the Midlands to come together and show their best no matter what level they have. There were Olympic runners there including Lilly Partridge and Bryony Gunn, but that wasn’t going to stop our two mens teams and four ladies teams. The men came 21st and 87th with Nick Woolley leading the men in 18:14 for 12th place in his leg. The ladies A team came 21st too with the others coming 38th, 52nd and 66th. The relays are suitable for all members and we love to have as many teams as we can fill. They happen twice a year and the next ones will be in March. So if you are interested in running in them speak to your captains Greg, Nick, Jess or Katie who can add you to the list and keep you informed. The men this week ran 3.66 miles whilst the ladies completed 2.66 miles. The team spirit is amazing at these events, including cross country, and we would like to invite all members to join in.

Team A

Nick Woolley 18:14

Chris Sharp 19:08

Gareth Wainwright 19:39

Chris Morgan 20:02

Torsten Roseler 21:19

Gary Polhill 20:09

Team B

Cameron Brown 28:10

Greg Turner 22:47

David Carbutt 22:24

Paul Bentley24:05

Graham Edwards 28:17

John Parkin 27:37

Ladies Teams

Team A

Flick Sharp 17:26

Juliet Jones 18:18

Emma Horsfield 17:24

Amanda O’Leary 18:10

Team B

Anna Delaney 18:41

Amelia Crees 21:10

Adeba Jama 19:50

Hannah Gibson 19:49

Team C

Nicky Evans 20:50

Kathy Bailey 22:09

Karen Ratcliffe 22:52

Janice Lisieski 23:39

Team D

Joanne Brown  27:33

Katie Price 22:35

Amanda Crees 29:43

Caroline Edwards 29:59