National XC Champs

First up for a mentions this week are Greg Turner, Pete Austin and Robert Mundy who travelled down to Parliament Hill in London to represent the Club in the National XC Championships. Greg was first to complete the tough and very muddy course in a speedy time of 59:05, closely followed by Robert in 59:33 and Pete in 1:08:13.

Cannock Chase Dirty Dozen Trail Race 

This race describes itself as “challenging terrain, lung bursting hills, technical descents, single tracks, steep descents and of course the ditch of doom!”

Jo Hitchcock and David Hofton were brave/crazy enough to take this on, with David finishing in 1:11:40, and Jo close behind in a time 1:15:58

Leicestershire Half Marathon

Richard Dixon and Lee Brotherhood were in action over in Leicestershire for the Half Marathon, both finishing inside the 1:30 mark. Richard finished in a speedy 1:21:26 and was 41st overall as well as coming 1st in his age category. Lee was close behind clocking up a new HM PB of 1:29.36.

Bourton-on-the Water 10k

Chris Revell competed in this scenic race in lovely sunny but cool conditions, and despite not feeling in the best shape (his words!) and going out to enjoy one of his favourite races, managed a 30s PB, finishing in a time of 36:53 and 59th overall

Parkrun roundup and 0-3mile group “Graduation”

Saturday saw a crisp and sunny winter’s morning, perfect conditions for parkrun and also for our 2022 0-3mile group to run in their first timed event that successfully end their 0-3mile training which they started back in January. A total of 8 new runners completed the course, with 6 completing Saturday’s parkrun. Big thanks to Run Leader Tracy Davies for leading the course, and also to those Club members who helped or supported over recent weeks: Katie Pice, Sandra Boot, Sarah Laxton & Jackie Paterson.

It was a busy week both at Brueton and around the rest of the country, with a fair amount of parkrun tourism over the half-terms break, seeing 67 K&D runners take part in 15+ events around the country. PBs this week for Tasha Campbell and Sam Edgington, and it was a clean sweep at Brueton for the placings, with Nick Woolley, George de Bolla and Chris Morgan take 1st to 3rd places, and Flick Sharp and Kerry Thomson coming 1st & 2nd ladies.

Parkrun Position Time PB/Top 3
Arrow Valley parkrun
Tasha CAMPBELL 86 00:24:45 PB!
Samantha EDGINTON 240 00:30:52 PB!
Karen RATCLIFFE 242 00:30:57
Brueton parkrun
Nick WOOLLEY 1 00:16:43 1st overall
George DE BOLLA 2 00:17:02 2nd overall
Chris MORGAN 3 00:17:20 3rd overall
Paul WILLIAMS 14 00:19:55
David ROSE 17 00:20:03
Felicity SHARP 18 00:20:08 1st lady
Paul BENTLEY 21 00:20:17
Ainsley WAINWRIGHT 22 00:20:22
John COLLINS 34 00:21:14
Steve ARMSTRONG 35 00:21:18
Kerry Ann THOMPSON 36 00:21:19 2nd lady
Brian CORR 40 00:21:51
Adeba JAMA 41 00:21:52
Louise BELL 43 00:21:57
Jessica WOOLLEY 45 00:22:06
Martin HANCOCK 50 00:22:26
John GARSIDE 71 00:23:42
Mark GALE 92 00:24:28
Elaine CALLINAN 109 00:24:59
Kay ADENIPEKUN 111 00:25:02
Tanya CRONIN 148 00:27:04
Victoria COOK 154 00:27:16
Subhash AGARWALLA 164 00:27:31
Anna WILSON 167 00:27:39
Kate FOKES 196 00:28:36
Siobhan COTTER 199 00:28:47
Stephen RAY 220 00:29:33
Alan C MARSHALL 229 00:29:46
Tracy DAVIES 231 00:29:47
Claire MAGGS 232 00:29:50
Sandra BOOT 234 00:29:56
Lewis TOWERS 240 00:30:24
Lucy CHAPMAN 241 00:30:24
Claire DEELEY 251 00:30:48
Lissy CALVERT 258 00:31:08
Linda Michele WHITEHEAD 273 00:31:55
Manjit UPPAL 291 00:32:45
Emily CAMPBELL 295 00:32:53
Sarah LAXTON 313 00:34:53
Steve MARKS 321 00:36:42
Oxana HAFEEZ 335 00:41:14
Paul JEFFREY 337 00:41:35
Gail PARTRIDGE 344 00:50:13
Medina I.O.W. parkrun
Jon BEECH 33 00:22:52
Sandwell Valley parkrun
Robert STEWART 23 00:26:02
Eastville parkrun
Alan GREEN 126 00:25:33
Skipton parkrun
Steve STREET 112 00:35:29
Tamar Lakes parkrun
Kate LEESON 17 00:23:37
Penrhyn parkrun
Ian Derek MAIDMENT 73 00:29:29
Poolbeg parkrun
Paul O’DONNELL 17 00:21:17
Jersey Farm parkrun
Kevin TOMKINSON 104 00:30:28
Alison GIBLIN 161 00:35:39
Jenni TOMKINSON 202 00:47:12
Babbs Mill parkrun
Phil WOOD 12 00:23:13
Gareth LLOYD 24 00:25:43
Beacon parkrun
Pete MAKEPEACE 86 00:28:36
Rothay Park parkrun
Andrew DEVITT 11 00:22:16
Cannock Chase parkrun
Darren JOHN 5 00:19:18
Torbay Velopark parkrun
David JOHN 168 00:29:45