After a quiet Bank Holiday weekend, Rundown is back! And a reminder that this Wednesday we have another 24/22 Wednesday run (24 minutes out, then same distance back but 2 minutes quicker) – aim is we all start together from DVH, and all finish together

Before moving to results, we just wanted to highlight the importance of bowel cancer screening, supported especially by one of our members Jon Jennings, and our thoughts are with him as he recovers from recent bowel cancer surgery

For those of you who don’t know Jon, he is one of our faster members (front centre in the picture) Often found at Brueton parkrun and more than often in the top few finishers. Last week he wrote a piece for the Brueton parkrun Facebook update talking about the importance of taking screening tests when offered:

“I was recently sent a screening pack from the NHS for bowel screening. Screening was moved for bowel cancer from 60 years to 56 years in 2021. It will move even lower. The excellent work by Dr Krandakar at Solihull Hospital on screening is a privilege we should all take up. For most, it will be a mere stool sample and a green light. I have had the privilege of the screening, but sadly have been diagnosed with bowel cancer. On the positive side, the grade is lower because of screening.

So if you get a screening pack, please do not ignore it and if you are younger than screening age, please don’t ignore bleeding or changes to bowel habits. As runners we tend to think bleeding is piles and most of the time it is but don’t take that as a given.

Get checked out and don’t ignore screening. It may just save your life.”

We send Jon and his family every good wish for a speedy and healthy recovery, while we all enjoy being one place up the finishing order at Brueton parkrun.

Marathon du Medoc

Saturday saw Anthony Ellis take on the Marathon du Medoc: often considered “the longest Marathon in the world” because the race is interspersed with several activities: musical breaks with 50 orchestras scattered around the course, 23 wine tasting stops, oysters tasting at the 38th km, and steak at the 39th km. Despite the distractions, Anthony managed to complete the marathon in a very respectable 5 hours and 31 minutes!

Stratford 10k

A very warm and humid Sunday then saw a number of the K&D runners compete in the Stratford 10k. Big well done to Alan Green who was first back for K&D in a time of 50:28, closely followed by Caroline Park who was just 4 seconds behind him. Well done also to Siobhan Cotter for finishing 4th in her Age Category.

Full results are in the table below:

Name  Chip time Age Cat Cat Position Position overall
Alan Green 00:50:28 MV 55 20 227
Caroline Park 00:50:32 F sen 19 238
Camille Neal 00:51:23 F Sen NA NA
Siobhan Cotter 00:53:32 FV 55 4 304
Robert Muntz 00:57:08 MV 65 13 421
Nigel Collins 01:02:21 MV 65 17 566
Jan Hornby 01:02:21 FV 55 22 567
Amanda Marklew 01:06:16 FV 45 68 665
Alan Marshall 01:06:54 MV 55 67 689

Parkrun Roundup

This week’s parkrun saw our biggest ever Club turnout with over 70 K&D members running in parkruns around the country. Another 1st overall for Gareth Wainwright and a fair few PBs to mention this week too! – Mick Williamson, Robert Wormald, David Hooper and Alice Longue at Brueton, and also for Neil Letham at Warwick Racecourse and Anna Delaney (and also 2nd lady!) at Edgbaston. Full results and placings are in the table below:

Parkrun Position Time PB/Top 3
Endcliffe parkrun
Ben JONES 305 00:27:16
Brueton parkrun
Gareth WAINWRIGHT 1 00:16:38 1st overall
Matt HIPWELL 2 00:16:58
Michael WILLIAMSON 4 00:17:23 PB!
Chris MORGAN 8 00:17:32
Paul BENTLEY 18 00:18:56
Ainsley WAINWRIGHT 22 00:19:05
Tim PRICE 28 00:19:26
Jonathan RANDELL 31 00:19:36
Robert WORMALD 33 00:19:42 PB!
Graham JONES 42 00:20:32
Monica GREEN 60 00:21:51
Ian NAISBITT 61 00:21:55
Steve ARMSTRONG 62 00:21:58
Russell PALMER 64 00:22:06
Paul WILLIAMS 65 00:22:07
David HOOPER 71 00:22:25 PB!
Pete MAKEPEACE 77 00:22:43
Louise BELL 89 00:23:11
Neil DRAYCOTT 92 00:23:22
Gareth JONES 93 00:23:26
Max MLADENOVIC 98 00:23:35
Robert STEWART 110 00:24:00
Paul WINWOOD 127 00:24:26
Hannah HOPKIN 128 00:24:28
Lloyd BARTON 137 00:24:40
Fiona Jane BLACKMAN 151 00:24:51
Ian Derek MAIDMENT 162 00:25:17
Ian VOADEN 166 00:25:23
George SPANN 176 00:25:51
Chris RAW 185 00:26:05
Kay ADENIPEKUN 190 00:26:09
Mark GALE 209 00:26:47
Alice LONGE 215 00:26:57 PB!
Richard LISIECKI 221 00:27:07
Sam CHECKETT 233 00:27:34
Tanya CRONIN 265 00:28:37
James TAYLOR 299 00:29:37
Smita DESHPANDE 303 00:29:48
Siobhan COTTER 311 00:30:01
Isabel ARTHUR 333 00:31:01
Sally ANDERSON 406 00:35:43
Alan C MARSHALL 407 00:35:44
Penny TAYLOR 423 00:36:52
Marie HOWARTH 435 00:38:23
Paul JEFFREY 454 00:41:54
Sandra BOOT 462 00:45:45
Cannon Hill parkrun, Birmingham
Philippa TOWERS 490 00:32:40
Long Eaton parkrun
Kerry WHITEHILL 198 00:27:57
Carly MITCHELL 238 00:29:52
Northala Fields parkrun
Noel KELLY 72 00:25:03
Lanhydrock parkrun
Lewis TOWERS 27 00:24:57
Lucy CHAPMAN 74 00:30:36
Keswick parkrun
Paul O’DONNELL 49 00:21:22
Felixstowe parkrun
Paul BAKER 10 00:18:43
Woolacombe Dunes parkrun
Christopher James REVELL 11 00:22:13
Joseph HOOK 17 00:23:29
Babbs Mill parkrun
Victoria COOK 42 00:26:39
Sara ROWELL 72 00:30:10
Samantha EDGINTON 87 00:32:43
Kevin TOMKINSON 94 00:34:15
Jenni TOMKINSON 113 00:45:56
Alison GIBLIN 126 00:52:20
Warwick Racecourse parkrun
Neil LETHAM 112 00:26:10 PB!
Jesmond Dene parkrun
Katie PRICE 127 00:31:03
Edgbaston Reservoir parkrun
Anna DELANEY 17 00:21:10 2nd Lady & PB!
Holbrooks parkrun
Bruce HAMPTON 51 00:27:12