The RUNdown – 4th July: Black Country Half Marathon & Summer Wolf Run

It was the Birmingham Black Country Half Marathon on Saturday for Run Leader Stephen Ray. This is a point to point race along the canal towpaths between Wolverhampton City Centre and Brindley Place in central Birmingham, and includes the famous ‘Coseley Tunnel’ a 360 metre tunnel (pictured). He finished in 01:40:00 13th in AG and 79th overall

Tanya Cronin took on the Summer Wolf Run at Stanford Hall, Leicestershire as part of a group of staff members and parents from the Hazel Oak School community, who tackled this famously gruelling event to raise money to equip Hazel Oak School’s new sensory room. As you can see from the photo, there was plenty of mud around!

Injured Runner’s Group Session

Katie Price led the first session on Thursday evening, with the group of 4 enjoying a scenic walk and chat around the Dorridge area. As a reminder, this will be taking place fortnightly on THURSDAYS at 7.30pm (next session is 15th July), starting from DVH (Dorridge Village Hall)
All you have to do is book on the normal Run Together page as you would for a Club run