Warwick Half Marathon, Alsager 5 and Parkrun Roundup ( by Katie Price)

It’s that time of year where more races are starting to appear on the calendar, more people are using races as part of their training plans and others are just using them to have fun and for personal challenges. We are missing Brueton parkrun results at present as they have missing results possibly from a scanner not downloading their results before leaving the park, but there were plenty of members who chose to run elsewhere and enjoy a bit of parkrun tourism.

Although we don’t yet have the results for Brueton we know that Martin Hancock celebrated his 250th parkrun this week, and to think he does a lot of volunteering on top of this, so well done to Martin.

This week’s Results below:


Ben Jones        22:54


James Taylor  28:47

Arrow Valley

Daniel Gregory            22:13

Karen Ratcliffe            27:35

Alice Green                 28:17

Cannon Hill

Greg Taylor                 18:20


Mark Gale                   26:54

Vic Cook                      29:46

Nicky Evans                 29:46

Katie Price                   35:16


Joy Blud                       25:58

Edinburgh Portabello

Neil Latham                 29:04

Perry Hall

Gail Partridge              32:27

Lissy Calvert                34:07

Penny Taylor               34:12


Amanda Marklew       32:48

Whangarei (New Zealand) – Did you know she was on holiday?

Ann Spencer-Dowdeswell      33:04

Stratford upon Avon

Jason Mallett              22:52


Paul O’Donnell            21:47

Monsal Trail

Rob Ambrose              19:42

Babbs Mill

Bruce Hampton          28:29


Lewis Towers              16:49

Lucy Chapman            23:44

Phillipa Towers           29:54

Warwick Half

This weekend we had a great club turnout at Warwick, starting at the racecourse and taking on the hills of Warwickshire (they really were hills). Considering most of the members that took part are marathon training for the spring we had some excellent times from everyone – full results below:

Antony Ellis                 1:26:13

Ed Bower                    1:26:43

Billy Connors               1:28:17

Andy Connors             1:30:57

Louise Bell                   1:42:10

Hannah Gibson           1:43:11

Lloyd Barton               1:44:05

Adam Kite                   1:47:13

Stacey Morgan            1:47:25

Sam Checkett              1:48:23

Nicky Evans                 1:53:37

Hannah Hopkin           1:53:40

Simon Fokes                1:58:37

Rob Stewart                2:01:50

Katie Price                   2:15:26

Tanya Cronin               2:15:27

Alsager 5 

Well done to Chris Revell who completed the course in 28.11 and was 57th of 10th vet 40 male. He commented  “It was a crazily fast course where the whole race felt downhill and attracted loads of fast people hence coming 57th. The toilet situation and the course coming in a bit longer than my watch expected were the only downsides but it was an awesome race so will ideally do it next year!”

Centurions Grand Prix Race 4

It was the final race in the series this weekend, and well done to everyone taking part – Steve Armstrong led the K&D contingent home, with Stephen  Ray hot on his heels. Results below:

Steve Armstrong 36:54
Stephen Ray 36:56
Siobhan Cotter. 40:10
Kev Tomkinson. 40:21
Keith Whitehead. 40:35
Linda Whitehead. 48:15
Alan Marshall. 48:52