(RUNDOWN this week by Nick Woolley)
A packed programme of racing for K&D members this weekend, with runners taking part in events in locations all over the world at a range of distances.
There’s nowhere better to start than at one of the World Marathon Majors Tokyo, and well done to Smita Deshpande running well to finish the iconic course in 5:31.12
3 K&D runners took part in the aptly named Groundhog marathon event in Telford. The event promises ‘ a pumping boombox, a friendly atmosphere, and plenty of running to be done’, but forgets to mention it’s 106 laps around a 400 metre track! Mike McDonald and John Garside completed the bonkers challenge in 4:58 and 5:04 respectively, with Nicky Evans opting for the slightly more manageable half and finishing an excellent 1st lady in 1:53.
The first of two classic spring marathon preparation races now, as Hannah Hopkin and Tanya Cronin took the short trip to North Northamptonshire, finishing in 3:09 and 3:38 respectively.
The shorter of the two, but in no way easier Rhyader Round the Lakes 30k race always attracts an excellent field, and this year was no exception, with a great turnout for what is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque road races in the country. 4 of K&D’s finest took on the event, with Billy Connors taking top honours in the Connors household in 2:16 to Dad Andrew’s 2:23. The filling in the Connors sandwich was Rob Houlston, finishing in an excellent 2:19 on the hilly course. John Collins wasn’t too far behind in 2:27.
There’s always a good K&D turnout at the Centurions 5m winter series, and the club put their stamp on the event with age group prizes galore. Stephen Ray, Steve Armstrong, Anthony Dutton, Alan Green, Siobhan Cotter and Sarah Cattell all running well at Babbs Mill.
As the editor is starting to run out of interesting things to write about the events, I’ll let Chris Revell do the talking for this one…
“Big weekend of news but I did Trafford 10k in 34:38 today. I’ve spent the last 5 year working towards this since an injury in 2018 which very nearly ended my running career.
Great event just so many fast people and I literally switch off for 5 miles in a pack who sort of dragged me round till I put them to the sword.”
Great achievement Chris, good to see your hard work in training pay off!

Parkrun Roundup

Despite the plethora of racing this weekend, the club still had members taking in the traditional Saturday morning 5k.
Gareth Wainwright and George de Bolla headed up the field at Brueton finishing 1st and 2nd in 16:38 and 16:52 respectively, and there were also ladies podiums for Anna Delaney (and a PB!) and Nicola Ferdinand (1st and 3rd).
Away from Solihull, Jessica Woolley ran her first parkrun since baby number 2 at Kingsbury Water, and there was a PB from Bruce Hampton at Cannon Hill.

Full results below:

PARKRUN Position Time PB or TOP 3
Southsea parkrun
Louise TAYLOR 299 00:30:43
Dudley parkrun
James TAYLOR 93 00:30:11
Brueton parkrun
Gareth WAINWRIGHT 1 00:16:38 1st overall
George DE BOLLA 2 00:16:52 2nd overall
Chris MORGAN 5 00:18:10
Paul BENTLEY 10 00:18:58
Michael WILLIAMSON 11 00:19:12
Matthew RAY 21 00:20:36
Anna DELANEY 26 00:20:59 1st Lady & PB!
Pete MAKEPEACE 32 00:21:19
Nicola FERDINAND 50 00:22:19 3rd lady
Russell PALMER 54 00:22:28
Daniel GREGORY 58 00:22:30
Brian CORR 62 00:22:43
Alan BLACK 71 00:23:07
Martin HANCOCK 72 00:23:08
Jason PITCHER 79 00:23:24
Kevin TOMKINSON 99 00:24:21
Max MLADENOVIC 122 00:25:26
Sam CHECKETT 128 00:25:49
Neil LETHAM 178 00:27:30
Mark GALE 197 00:28:06
Stephen RAY 226 00:29:05
Robert STEWART 245 00:29:50
Tasha CAMPBELL 246 00:29:51
Tanya CRONIN 249 00:29:54
Katrina PARKIN 250 00:29:55
Sandra BOOT 285 00:31:40
Susan Margaret WASSELL 295 00:32:12
Gail PARTRIDGE 315 00:33:32
Alison GIBLIN 330 00:33:56
Subhash AGARWALLA 349 00:35:47
Lissy CALVERT 362 00:36:29
Marie HOWARTH 361 00:36:29
Penny TAYLOR 363 00:36:30
Oxana HAFEEZ 398 00:42:31
Sarah CATTELL 408 00:49:00
Karen RATCLIFFE 416 00:53:14
Cannon Hill parkrun, Birmingham
Bruce HAMPTON 259 00:26:52 PB!
Sandwell Valley parkrun
Katie PRICE 63 00:31:40
Kingsbury Water parkrun
Jessica WOOLLEY 88 00:26:50
Shrewsbury parkrun
Lewis TOWERS 42 00:21:02
Blickling parkrun
Cameron BROWN 89 00:27:41
Joanne Margaret BROWN 168 00:33:31
Evesham parkrun
Ian Derek MAIDMENT 81 00:26:52
Warwick Racecourse parkrun
John-Paul GLASSFORD 47 00:23:06
Oaklands parkrun
Noel KELLY 57 00:34:40