The RUNDOWN 7 JULY: Northbrook 10k, Black Country HM, Shrewsbury 10k, Wales Ultra 50mile trail race & parkrun results

Northbrook 10k
This weekend we have seen a number of races including the next race in the Warwickshire Road Race League- Northbrook 10k on the outskirts of Coventry through Corley Moor. 26 members took on the hilly course, with Matt Hipwell first home for K&D in 7th place.
Matt Hipwell 34:45
Rene Vergo. 36:46
Gary Polhill. 36:55
Torsten Roesler. 38:07
Antony Ellis. 39:01
David Carbutt. 39:20
Paul Bentley. 40:36
Paul Williams. 43:01
Anna Delaney. 43:27
Kerry Thompson 43:45
Grant Huddleston 44:11
David Rose. 44:54
Steve Armstrong. 45:39
Kate Leeson. 45:34
Mike Day. 45:50
Stephen Ray. 46:27
Jo Ray. 50:34
Alan Green. 51:03
Oliver Shittleworth. 52:03
Graham Edwards. 53:38
Richard Lisiecki. 53:53
Laura Dean. 56:08
Lisa Ray. 57:17
Alan Marshall. 59:11
Siobhan Cotter. 59:11
Pippa Towers. 1:02:59
Birmingham Black County Half Marathon
it was the return of the canal canter from Wolverhampton to Birmingham with two members taking on the regular summer race.
Kev Tomkinson 2:04:31
Tasha Campbell. 2:12:16
Shrewsbury 10k
Megan McEvoy took a trip to Shrewsbury and finished in a great time of 50:55
Wales Ultra 50 mile Trail
Finally but not least- Billy Connors took on his first big trail ultra around the coast and hills of Wales, starting at 10pm Friday evening with mum and dad (also members) supporting at times and finished 9th male in an amazing time of 12 hours and 33 mins and actually covered 54.31 miles (why do trails do that?). Well done Billy, an amazing achievement

Park Run Results:

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