Training + Awards: 22nd-1st May


Hey Troops.

There is no official training on Monday 22nd due to Massey 10k. There is also no official training on 1st May due our Annual Awards party. To guarantee sitting next to your friends/dietry choices please note the deadline is this weekend.

Mon 22nd April:
Massey Tractor 10k

Wed 24th April:
1 mile easy.
2-3 sets of 1 mile @ HM pace w. 1/2 mile easy run recovery
5x15s strides (full recovery).
1 mile easy.

Monday 29th April:
10x45s hill sprint (jog down)
(walk down)
10x 30s hill sprint (job down)

1st May:
AWARDS DO! with the wonderful Holly Rush
Super Runner, International Athlete, Dog Lover, Pork-Pie Eater, 11th at Barcelona Marathon (2019/2:47), 7th at Manchester Marathon (2019/2:46) as well as World-Class Ultra Runner.