Tri-Oomph with Jemma & Simon Phelps

We did it. We completed our first triathlon. 
It was an emotional but incredible day.
Having started 9th lady in the pool (based on being 9th fastest swimmer on paper…eeek!) it was an intimidating start, having spotted a GB triathlon suit ahead of me! 
The swim went well, overtaking 3 swimmers (couldn’t quite catch the GB-clad one!) & clocking 7:00mins for 400m.  As I transitioned into the cycle I heard the commentator announce over the tannoy ‘the top seeded women are starting to emerge from the pool’ …I did chuckle to myself as I paused to leisurely dry between my toes, clip my hair back and mount my (hardly race-worthy) bike! 😂 

On the ride I was gradually overtaken, one by one, by ladies looking like they really did fit the ‘top seed’ brief; some providing polite tips as they past to help me on my way.  The photo of Joshua on my crossbar kept me focussed, and I was pleased to complete 11 miles in under 40mins.
T2 was much smoother (no faffing!) Jelly legs central though; I’m glad there are only photos of the transition rather than wobbly-legged videos!
The double 2.5k run loop felt loooong, but it was great to pass my husband Si a couple of times for motivating high fives. My 5k time was 26.47…way off my parkrun PB, but very proud to have crossed the line in a total of 77mins.
Overall I ranked 32nd female (of 136); 5th in my age category: bonus!  Si crossed the line in 10th place…before realising he still had the 2nd loop to run! Official results had his ‘5k’ time as 13mins; 23s off a world record 😂 With Mo having retired from track, we’ve been awaiting a GB call up!
Crossing that line as Team Phelps was emotional, and we’ve been overwhelmed by the support and generosity from everyone. In total we’ve raised almost £5000 (pre gift aid) to help other premature babies like Joshua to give them the best possible chance of life. Thank you so so much to my amazing clubmates who’ve donated (many of whom have donated anonymously so I can’t thank personally); we’re SO grateful to you all.
Here are a few photos of us in action. See you all at club soon, meanwhile we’re currently in Seville for sunshine (& Sangria) therapy ☀🍷


Jem and Si xx