Weekend Recap: ALL the parkrunners


Brueton parkrun:
After a couple of weeks xc-related rest the weekend recap returns on a record breaking Saturday for Brueton parkun as 749 runners smashed the attendance record at our home parkrun. With numbers swollen by The National Running Show it was incredible to see how the organising comittee of Brueton manage such huge numbers. Thank you to all the K&D runners who helped out on the day to support Brueton’s organisation team.

K&D were well represented with Gareth Wainwright at the front of the pack taking 2nd overall in 17:20 and supported by George De Bolla in 18:26 and a Post-pulminory PB of 19:14 for Darren John.

Mary Heald took on the Brueton tourists from all over the UK and her 20:20 saw her overall first woman despite the increased competition. Louise Bell and Kate Marsh were second and third K&D ladies on the day running 23:05 and 25:06.

Phil Wood and Josh Hartle were top of the PB pops on Saturday running 22:07 and 19:59.

Gloucester HM:
A weekend of Phil Wood Could for our Phil as he ran a PB of 1:39:22 in Gloucester on Sunday. Well done on running under 100 min from the half.

Whiteley parkrun:
Rob Ambrose made it as far down as the south coast to run Witeley parkrun in a time of 20:04. Closer to the equator, so we expect rob to come back with a nice tan.

Fælledparken parkrun:
Proper tourism for Gareth Lloyd and Louise Taylor as they tackled Fælledparken parkrun in Denmark. Ticking off a foreign parkrun they ran 26:56 and 28:32.

Arrow Valley parkrun:
Just the 5 K&D’ers in Redditch this week as Richard Dixon led the way in 18:52 followed by Steve Armstrong in 21:36, Caroline Edwards in 29:08, Graham Edwards in 29:09 and Mark Sanders in 31:51.

Cannon Hill parkrun:
Johnny Bellman clocked a 22:39 round Cannon Hill. No doubt then went for a nice Saturday amble round the mini-golf.

Belfast Victoria parkrun:
Monica Green visited Belfast Victoria parkrun and ran 20:05. She went to the Titanic Museum and was very disappointed to find out that unlike the movie adaption the ship didn’t sink and was later inhabited by blue Na’vai. No wait. Wrong James Cameron film. That was Avatar. Titanic was the one with Arnie as a futuristic fire extinguisher right?

Conwy parkrun:
Conwy houses the smallest house in Great Britain. Frances Ramsden ran 34:19. Those two things can’t be coincidence.

Stratford-upon-Avon parkrun:
Nicknamed Stratford-upon-Avon… Bardland, a recreation Theme Park of 16th Century England, built on an industrial estate in Warwick in the 1960’s, attracts millions of tourists every year who like to revel in the gaitey of made up nonsence such as ‘Theatre’, men in swan suits swimming up and down a river and brass rubbing. Whereby children go rub the local brass. Which she complained about and made the children stop doing as it scared away passing trade. Mark Amyes ran 21:55 there on Saturday.

Isabel Trail parkrun:
I prefer both Isabel Collins parkrun and Isabel Arthur parkrun. Kevin Tomkinson visited Isabel Trail parkrun and thinks it’s ok though. He ran 27:45.