Weekend Recap: Cannock Chase & Totnes 10k’s, Solihull parkrun(s)

Public Service Announcement: A huge congratulations to K&D’er Phil Wood and his team of parkrun-elves who finally launched Babbs Mill parkrun in Kingshurst. A long and difficult journey to lauch successfully happened on Saturday. Can we ask people, as excited as we know you are to try it’s mix of grass, paths, gravel and single track trail out, not to all go next week. Stagger your attendance please and be mindful that you’ll need trail shoes if its wet.

Cannock Chase 10k:
When was asked if she fancied Cannock Chase Katie Price said she was well up for it – she’d always fancied bagging herself a hunky Canadian Mountie. (Cannuck Chase, geddit?). An area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (Cannock Chase – though Katie and Janice aren’t bad either) saw runners tackle the 10k on trails.

Katie and Janice Lisiecki both finished in 01:02:41.

Totnes 10K:
Our Devon Correspondent David John had never done more than a 5k race before. So obviously make your debut at 10k on a tough trail run around Totnes. His 1:18:37 a decent trail and 10k debut on tough terrain.

Brueton parkrun:
Lets start with the women for a change! Magic Mary Heald pushed her way round in 21:38 with buggy ahead. A swift Kerry Ann Thompson clocked 22:38 as she regains form and fitness and the ever fast Jane Hunt ran 23:22.

The blokes were a little light up front. Gareth Wainwright took a first finisher token well ahead of the pack in 17:03 while Paul Bentley took silver in 19:22 for 10th overall. Chris Morgan, taking an easy-ish one clocked 19:30.

Sophia Harrison PB’d in 39:09. Her PB Jamboree was joined by Simon Battson who ran a course PB of 24:48. Martin Hancock who PB’d in a superb 22:01. Not bad for 60-64 age category.

Arrow Valley parkrun:
Steve Marks ran 35:36 around the lovely lakeside two-lapper.

Kingsbury Water parkrun:
Ian Maidment chased Hayley Carruthers round and ran 29:43.

Stratford-upon-Avon parkrun:
Lloyd Barton followed in Jane Evans’ fleet feet last week as he took on the rapid Stratford course. Lloyd clocked a non too shabby 21:05.

Babbs Mill parkrun:
It’s 13km pretty much exactly from Tudor Grange School to Babbs Mill park via Sheldon Country park for anyone fancying a Saturday decent run to Babbs Mill and Back. Darren did just that and then ran 19:15. Darren Maggs made it a Darren one-two in 24:01. Kevin Tomkinson ran 24:57, Kate Marsh clocked 25:46 and Alison Giblin rounded out the team in 31:40. Initial thought suggest it may be 30-45sec slower than Brueton due to single track trails. Please don’t all go at once!

Torbay Velo parkrun:
David John did Tail Walking duties at Torbay Velo in 57:58.