Weekend Recap: Egging Winwood On

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Brueton parkrun: The boy’s are pretty predictable at Brueton right now with Gareth Wainwight (16:40), George De Bolla (17:24) and Habib Farazmand (18:48) locking out that top-three. Where as the women are all the fun and excitment. Kerry Ann Thompson ran a superb 20:44 and was followed by Kate Leeson (23:31) recording an excellent new PB and Kathy Bailey (23:45). Sophia Harrison’s 31:34 was also a new PB making it a Women’s week in the PB party tent.

Warwick parkrun: A farmer’s dozen of K&D shelled out on petrol to go to Warwick parkrun. A late start led to a scramble to get to Warwick. The egg-cellent course is an out an back on the racing line. Highlight of the day was the local yobbo’s who egged Paul Winwoods car. An otherwise cracking morning.

Darren John l-egg-ed it round in 18:24. Lloyd Barton avoided a fall on the mud to run 20:48. No Humpty Dumpty breakages to report. John Garside poached third place in 22:28 while Paul O’Donnell ran 23:01 – a hard boiled parkrunner. Mike McDonald was the yoker in the pack with a 23:44 while Paul Winwood didn’t crack while clocking 24:02 and Kate Marsh soldiers round in 25:09.

Babbs Mill parkrun:
A single K&D’er at Babbs Mill as Ian Maidment repped the club in 27:16

Oaklands parkrun:
Quick and fast for Stuart Male who continued his London Marathon prep in 19:35. He led Anthony Dutton round in 21:45, Kev Tomkinson in 26:19 and a returning Rob Steward who ran 33:03

Chasewater parkrun:
Steve Armstrong popped up at the beautiful Chasewater to run 21:34

Bedworth parkrun:
Pete Makepeace popped over to Bedworth to try their cake. He approved. He also ran 28:19 – but mostly cake

Tampere parkrun:
Scandi-Correspondent Riina Kuuselo clocked a leasuirly 23:12 as one of 47 Tampere parkrunners

Hove Promenade parkrun:
Andrew Connors just missed out on a sub-20 as he finished in an angonisingly close 20:07 along the sea-front

Dartford parkrun:
He may have moved North but he’s still one of our own, Jack Bristow ran an 18:51 in hispter’s paradise Dartford

Penrith parkrun:
Steve Marks continued his tour all the parkruns – Steve ran 34:15 – he also had a doppleganger at Warwick parkrun which was most confusing

Southwark parkrun:
Jo Tork enjoyed a weekend in the big smoke as she ran 35:02 – hope she went to Borough Market for lunch after

Walsall Arboretum parkrun:
Two in Two for the Horsefield Two. This time is was Matt who emerged victorious in 20:22 as he led his other half Emma round in 20:32

Bath Skyline parkrun:
Jane Evans took herself off to the lovely city of Bath for the weekend and in the process took First Woman at Bath Skyline in 19:09

Oldham parkrun:
Siobhan O’Donnell was up in Greater Manchester and ran 30:04. Never eat old ham by the way

Torbay Velo parkrun:
Devon correspondent David John ran a cautious 30:36 as he comes back from a muscle strain from too much sitting by the beach

St Alban’s parkrun:
Simon Battson made sure my entire lunch was taken up with writing all these results out but adding St Albans to the list in 25:36

Coventry parkrun:
Nigel Foster didn’t go to Gloucester, he went to Coventry instead. He ran 31:10