Weekend Recap: An Fál Carrach and Pre-lympic parkruns

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An Fál Carrach parkrun:

Either autocorrect has gone haywire on the parkrun site or Monica Green has popped up in County Donegal, Ireland. Anglicised as Falcarragh the town only has a population of 2,168 people. Bushy parkrun in London regularly tops 1000 runners. Big and small of the parkrun world! Monica ran 21:51 for 7th place.

Sandon Point parkrun:

Ian Maidment continued to represent down under in 24:01. Since we last reported he has been surfing on the back of a shark, been a bit part actor on Neighbours and stumped Shane Warne (By asking him to name a shy and retiring Aussie… Bdum-Tsh!).

Arrow Valley parkrun:

The three amigos turned up at Arrow Valley this weekend. Richard Dixon, Jonathan Randell and Christopher Taylor turned up in ponchos, moustaches and sombrero’s. They ran 18:48, 18:55 and 24:48. They then rode off into the sunset.

Cannon Hill parkrun:

Peter Grime cropped up at the Hill of Cannon’s this weekend and dropped a casual 17:41. #NuffSaid #Representin’.

Brueton parkrun:

19 K&D Runners this weekend at Brueton, a great turn out considering those employed in schools have been so keen to point out all week that Summer Holidays have started…

Gareth Wainwright equipped himself well against a very strong lineup this week running 17:40 followed by Philip (T)Rex in 19:34, and Pete Makepeace in 20:05. Amanda O’Leary was dragged round to a 21:55 clocking by her son Jack, while a very tanned Kathy Bailey showed her Seychelles odyssey refreshed her legs. Kathy ran 23:34. Kerry Whitehill ran 26:58 to follow Amanda and Kathy into the funnel.

No PB’s this weekend. So you’ll no doubt be pleased to know it is intervals this Wednesday night. FUNishment. Right? 🙂

Good Running Team!