Weekend Recap: Graduation Day *Updated*


Congratulations to Knowle and Dorridge RC’s 0-3 Class of 2019. A brilliant group of people who have come a long way in a short time. We hope they have a wonderful long running future ahead of them filled of laughs and adventures either with the club or wherever their running shoes take them! A massive well done on your achievement and everyone at K&D looks forward to seeing you clocking up those parkrun’s and PB’s!

Also a massive thank you to the K&D Run Leaders who guided our Noughties 2019 through the course! And to the many, many K&D’ers who turned out on Saturday in their club colours, supported our 0-3’s, volunteered, ran or brought cake (especially whoever brought the lemon drizzle!).

It was great to see so many of you out and a massive thank you to Katie Price for organising and Caroline Edwards for being Run Director for the day.

Brueton parkrun:
While the main fun was to be had throughout the pack it wasn’t too shabby up top either as Gareth Wainwright clocked 2nd in 17:28 followed by a PB for Gary Polhill who clocked 18:14, while Darren John showed a glimmer of his pre-blood clot self to run 18:30. His fastest time since becoming ill in June last year.

For the women it was Monica Green who took the glory running a very good 20:49 followed by Jessica Woolley in 21:56 and Mary Heald who ran 22:38 AFTER a 20 mile run. Yeah. You read that correctly.

With a glorious 10 degree’s it was shorts and tshirt weather. Perfect for PB’s and K&D duly obliged. Ready for this?

Gary Polhill – 18:14 (PB)
Jason Pitcher – 21:45 (PB)
Kevin Tomkinson – 23:34 (PB)
Ann Kavanagh – 35:32 (PB)

And for our parkrun First Timers…

Chris Privett – 29:56 (PB)
Charlotte Boulton – 40:45 (PB)
Jane Campbell – 40:44 (PB)
Sara Revell – 38:03 (PB)
Debbie Gibbs – 36:48 (PB)
Sinead Tanner – 36:12 (PB)
April Carpenter – 36:11 (PB)
Fran Powell – 34:04 (PB)
Karen Sanders – 34:51 (PB)
Zoe Wallis – 34:49 (PB)
Joanna Hitchcock 26:38 (PB) … wait has Joanna never done a parkrun before? or do we now have two of them? Terrifying if so!

And the Naughty Noughties who forgot to put K&D on their parkrun profile:

Jody Fallon 42:42
Helena Lindley 35:16
Izzy Jeynes 35:13
Anne Kavanagh 35:32
Lindy Michaelson-Yeates 39:50
Sarah Church 40:53
Zoe Meadows 36:33

In total there were 72 K&D’ers there on Saturday

Torbay Veloparkrun:
John Garside turned up on the south coast and handily beat the chairman’s parents. With David John letting Lynne John finish first as they walked the course on Saturday your chairman is delighted to be able to tease him about finishing 3rd K&D’er. Cheers John! John ran 22:14, while the Chairman’s folks walked 48:33.

Cannon Hill parkrun
Johnny Bellman took an easy one on Sat and enjoyed a leisurely (for him) 28:40.

Kings Lynn parkrun
Ainsley Wainwright stopped off at a parkrun in Kings Lynn on Saturday running a solid 19:35.

Dartford Heath parkrun
Down in the South East, where house prices make even Knowle residents’ eyes water, Ian Maidment ran 25:37. Ironically 2537 is the year someone born in 2019 in the South East will have saved up enough for a deposit.