Weekend Recap: Hey Jude, Don’t Mind the Cramp, John Garside, Will Make Things Better


Two Tunnels Marathon:
John Garside and Jude Mansfield both took on the Two Tunnels Marathon. John running 4:50:56 provided much needed support to Jude Mansfield who ran 5:01:06. In Jude’s own words:

Torbay 5 Bays Challenge:
Some git in a grump about runners using public paths on the south west costal path caused chaos by moving signs in Torbay. There’s always one. No matter. It’s all the fun of the trail running scene. Darren John ended up running 47:57 for 9.1km (missing 600m from 2018’s route). Eventually finishing 7th (ish). Some runners ran 9.6km, some closer to 11km. The organisers were tearing their hair out but were very accomodating and deserve great respect for doing their very best to manage difficult circumstances. I hope the person who moved the signs trips over and badly grazes their knee.

Brueton parkrun:
With people scattered across the UK for holidays Gareth Wainwright kept things hot with a 17:03. The chaps were in the mood to put on a show as Nick Woolley ran 17:07, Rob Michaelson-Yeates clocked 17:25 and Gary Polhill stopped the clock at 17:41. George De Bolla made it 5 in the top-10 with an 18:23.

Magic Mary Heald ran 20:59 as Jessica Woolley (21:43) and the returning Rosie Marsh (YAY!) clocked 22:23. The ladies showed the chaps that they can’t have it all their own way in the speed stakes.

Babbs Mill parkrun:
K&D Representation was provided by Mr. Maggs as Darren ran 23:38 at the local Babbs Mill parkrun.

Camperdown parkrun:
Gary Welsh returned to the homeland to run a 25:15.

Mansfield parkrun:
Kerry Ann Thompson ran a solid 23:02

Cannon Hill parkrun:
Big Dave Carbutt put a very strong run in at Cannon Hill as he clocked 19:13

Hanley parkrun:
Taking your child to a Uni open day? Obviously drop in early to check out the most important thing – the local parkrun. Katie Price ran 29:39 at hilly Hanley

Cheltenham parkrun:
Going on holiday? Stop half way to do a parkrun of course. “Dynamic” duo David and Darren John ran 32:16 and 19:38. The course is mostly similar to the Cheltenham XC Course.

Westport parkrun:
Paul and Siobhan O’Donnell ran 22:47 and 30:18 among Westport’s 90 runners

Stratford-upon-Avon parkrun:
Bards, Butterfly Farms and Barges for Battson, Barton and Armstrong. Steve Armstrong led the way with 20:26, Lloyd Barton was next across the line in 21:18 while Simon Battson rounded the three amigos out in 24:05.

Severn Bridge parkrun:
Wales and England for Kevin Tomkinson and Alison Giblin at this bucket list parkrun. Hope they took their passports. Kev clocked 26:53 and Alison ran 31:55.

Hafan Pwllheli parkrun:
A parkrun of choice for tourists now saw Jane Evans and Kerry Whitehill both select this parkrun on Sat. Jane Evans did what Jane Evans does best. Smashed the Llads and won overall. She ran 20:52. Kerry Whitehill ran 28:50 to finish 8th Woman.