Weekend Recap: Kenilworth Half, Keswick Capers and Ann Spits Fire


Kenilworth Half:
Warwickshire Road Race fun as Kenilworth Half’s new route rolled into town. Chris Sharp and Amanda O’Leardy took home K&D First Finisher’s honours. Chris was 4th overall while Amanda won her age category. Top running. 

Elsewhere a whole host of K&D turned out. See below for the full results:
Chris Sharp – 1:14:56
Rob Michaelson-Yeates – 1:19:52
Richard Dixon – 1:23:24
Paul Bentley – 1:25:28
Michael Swann – 1:26:41
Tim Price – 1:28:45
Amanda O’Leary – 1:32:34
Monica Green – 1:34:24
Andrew Connors – 1:35:50
Max Mladenovic – 1:36:53
Steve Armstrong – 1:37:26
Max Gimson – 1:41:57
Claire Magee – 1:42:20
James Hillier – 1:48:24
John Garside – 1:49:08
Hannah Gibson – 1:49:31
Rob Houlston – 1:51:17
Paul Winwood – 1:51:34
Mark Owen – 1:53:07
Kevin Boake – 1:56:36
Rob Stewart – 1:58:38
Caroline Edwards – 2:28:18

Derwentwater Trails 15km
Beautiful Keswick was home to the Davies and Whiteheads for the weekend as Tracey, Russell, Linda and Keith all took on the Lakeland Trails 15k event.  Superb views going up hill (except for those behind Russell), and wild times downhill for two premier K&D pairings.

Spitfire 10k
Celebrating a 100 years of the RAF, Ann Spencer-Dowdeswell took on the Spitfire 10k at historic Cosford. Home to the RAF museum and of course former home of indoor athletics in England.

Brueton parkrun:
5 of the first 10 men on Saturday at Brueton were K&D. Gareth Wainwright narrowly missing out on a sub-17 as he ran 17:02. Jack Bristow backed him up in 17:30 and Chris Morgan dropped in an 18:30 in the middle of a training run. 

Jane Hunt’s 23:08 led our women while Sarah Cattell (25:05) and Jan Hornby (26:55) rounded out the top 3 for our women. With a 28:05 run Lyndsey Drakeley set a new PB on Saturday. Great running Lyndsey.

Bushy parkrun:
The pilgrimage for Jo Tork, Steve Marks and Sarah Laxton this week as they ran 33:40, 33:48 and 36:09. The Three also got to celebrate Jo Tork’s 50th parkrun.

Chippenham parkrun:
Darren and Kate travelled all the way to the Cotswolds to visit Darren’s favourite ice cream makers. They stopped off to parkrun too on the Sat. Darren’s lungs continued to fall apart as he ran 21:26 and Kate eased her recent sore foot back into things with a 27:11.

Marlay parkrun:
Marlay and Me. Except the dog doesn’t get put down. Siobhan Cotter and Alan Marshall did a spot of touristing running 26:04 and 27:39.

Keswick parkrun:
Two Whitehead’s and a Davies. You bump into K&D everywhere. Russell Davies ran 23:25, Keith Whitehead clocked 26:03 and Linda Whitehead ran 31:01. Was Tracy Davies still in bed?

Stratford-upon-Avon parkrun:
Phil Wood run good. 22:35.