Weekend Recap: Kenilworth Half, Wilne 10k

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The penultimate race of the WRRL saw its longest event, Kenilworth Half Marathon, stretch it’s self out along 13.1 miles of Warwickshire country side. Perfect conditions saw runners go off under cover of clouds and embraced by the faintest of misty rain. The mist provided welcome cooling over the multiple hills on the undulating course.

K&D Runners embraced the day with what was, frankly, an obscene amount of PB’s. The action was so red-hot that the results deserve an 18+ rating.

Chris Sharp took 2nd overall but suffered major stitch with only a short distance to go robbing him of a victory. While he may feel frustrated, especially after the inter-club mishap in Kenilworth last time too, his sensational form continues. If he can run 1:13:11 in distress we can’t wait to see how he goes when it all goes right for him (which probably won’t be in Kenilworth – #KenilworthCursed).

PB’s will be updated for those who’s i’ve missed when they go live on runbritain.

Full Results (Chip Time)

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Chris Sharp – 1:13:11 (PB)
Darren John – 1:18:01 (PB)
Gareth Wainwright – 1:18:15
Torsten Roesler – 1:21:58 (PB)
Richard Dixon – 1:24:15
Paul Williams – 1:28:35 (PB) (PB)
Mike Day – 1:28:39
Robert Mundy – 1:31:56
Max Gimson – 1:32:22 (PB)
Rosie Marsh – 1:34:44 (PB)
Peter Austin – 1:34:55
Steve Armstrong – 1:36:00
Stephen Ray – 1:37:26 (PB)
Clive Dickens – 1:39:22
Max Mladenovic – 1:40:05
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Michael McDonald – 1:41:40
Phillip Lindsey – 1:46:49 (PB)
John Garside – 1:47:09
Simon Krstic – 1:50:12
Greg Turner – 1:50:52
Paul O’Donnell – 1:51:29 (PB)
Keith Whitehead – 1:51:43
Kate Marsh – 1:52:16 (PB)
Darryl Wilkes – 1:52:41
Rob Stewart – 1:55:14 (PB)
Mark Owen – 1:55:30 (PB)
Richard Drakeley – 1:56:15
Paul Winwood – 1:56:16 (PB)
Gary Wickett – 2:00:34 
Linda Whitehead – 2:04:53

If you are wondering why only three women appear in those results then here is probably a good place to leave this…

Wilne 10k

Away from the WRRL Chris Revell and James Taylor did the wilne 10km today both falling agonisingly short of sub 40. Official results show Chris at 40:06 and James ran 40:01 (James overtook Chris after 9km when he was regretting his night on the beers… by all accounts having followed the Russ Davies school of race preparation)

Brueton parkrun

It was a fast one at Brueton on Saturday. 17:42 would only get you 10th place. K&D had three in the top 10 with Gareth Wainwright catching a flyer in 17:02, Chris Morgan acting as rabbit to Darren John in 17:14 and 17:20. 

For the women it was Rachel Aston that was star of the show. 22:34 saw her not only finish first K&D woman on Saturday but it also secured her a shiny new PB. Congratulations Rachel! Next up was Mary Heald who ran 24:36 – with a buggy so I hear! Good job there aren’t speed cameras in Brueton. Kate Marsh took a comfy one in 25:37 to finish off her Kenilworth prep and finish third K&D woman.

Congratulations also go to Kay Adenipekun who joined Rachel in PB alcove. Kay ran 24:13. Brilliant running. 

Can you believe no K&D’er ran elsewhere on parkrun day? Madness. 

Great running team.