Weekend Recap: Let Sleeping Dobbs Lie

White Peaks Marathon:
Despite it being trails and hills Richard Dixon ran the White Peaks Marathon in a superb 3 hours 3 minutes. It bodes well for Dobby that he can crack out that kind of pace on the trails and puts him in a superb place for summer off the back of an 8 week programme. He’s earned a good nap.

Chester Half Marathon:
Nick Woolley put himself =2 with Chris Morgan on the K&D Half Marathon 2019 list with a super PB of 1:17:38. With a whole host of guys still to go for a fast half it’ll be an interesting end of year list.

Worcester Half:
Penny Taylor, Gail Partridge and Alicia Calvert took the short jaunt down to Worcester for their Half Marathon. They chased Neil Draycott round (who ran 1:41:54). We’ve told them about chasing all the boys before. Gail was closest to Neil, running 2:28:19, Lissy ran 2:29:19 and Penny Clocked 2:33:51. Sterling stuff from this week’s cover stars.

Down to the Wyre 10k
We support any race that is willing to Pun. Top work Down to the Wyre organisers. K&D salute you. Dynamic Duo, Kathy Bailey and Jude Mansfield took 1st and 2nd in their age group’s (Surely they’re both 21-25?) while Stephen Ray took 2nd in his (Over 65’s?).

Sorry Stephen! Jason Pitcher’s 48:33 saw him across the line first for K&D as he pipped Stephen (Male 55+) who ran 50:22. Kathy Bailey ran 53:23, Jude Mansfield recorded a 53:26 and Lynsey Drakeley finished in 1:12:48 and Samantha Edgington warmed up for KFR2019 with a 1:15:45.

Brueton parkrun:
*Copy, Paste* Gareth Wainwright ran 17:13 (of course he did). Darren John ran mid 18’s (18:32, of course he did). and Habib Farazmand picked up another PB of 18:34 after recently joining out Tue & Thurs group (of course he did).

Siobhan Cotter ran 22:28, Louise Bell ran 23:04 and Kate Marsh ran 25:14. At least the K&D women can be relied on for some variety!

Alan Marshall ran a PB of 24:38 (Thank you Marshall), while David John ran a course PB of 31:21.

Coventry parkrun:
Sherlock and Turner, everyone’s new favourite ITV detective show, ran 29:01 and 35:53 at Coventry parkrun. I hope they’re investigating Coventry’s crime of a Ring Road.

Arrow Valley:
Pete Austin pitched up in Redditch to nip under 21 min (20:50).

Kingsbury Water parkrun:
Following his inaugral run at Brueton Simon Battson returned to his home territory of Kingsbury to run 24:13.

Stratford-upon-Avon parkrun:
Steven Whatmore is searching for Sub-18 this summer. It’s a documentary that’ll no doubt feature at Cannes next yr. He’ll have to wait. His 18:05 just shy of his target. It’ll happen though.

Bideford parkrun:
Danny Malone ran 18:34 and found himself third at Bideford. BidiThird?

Bedworth parkrun:
Kev Tomkinson and Alison Giblin continued their Tour de Midlands with a 27:03 and 29:55 at Bedworth parkrun.

KFR2019 Results to follow on Tues or whenever we can get the Results Gophers to stop crying.