Weekend Recap: The Maggs-nificent, Running parkrun & The Hills of Kenilworth Half

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Greetings Pop Pickers,

First off here is Dave & Ansel Collins’ 1971 Number 1, the brilliant ‘Double Barrel’.
[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_7Kx2FlFQY” width=”100″ height=”80″] This is to be played in honour of The Maggs-nificent Darren Maggs; for completing his first Ultra on Aug 27th in 11:00:26.  Darren ran the challenging Thirty-Six mile St. Bedas Ultra in impressive fashion for a newbie at the distance.

14192692_699403266864441_7457157636319491032_nHis splits across the 3 checkpoints and finish were an impressive:


Look at him. Smiling away, looking fresh as a daisy!

Kenilworth Half Marathon:

Another sterling K&D turnout for the WRRL’s only Half Marathon, the Kenilworth Half. Twenty two of our finest donned the green and gold on Sunday morning.  The hilly course isn’t known as the fastest around but certainly tests the strength in the legs as well as the speed people have been building up by shorter distances all summer.

First three men across the line were Joe Read (6th/78:20), Chris Morgan (9th/81:42) and Richard Dixon (20th/84:13).

For the ladies Emma Donnelly took the club honours in 89:12, Jane Hunt ran 1:47:47 and ladies captain Kathy Bailey rounded out the top three in 1:52:09.

There was a PB for Louise Willetts in 1:56:49. Massive congratulations for that performance Louise and to everyone who ran. 

Brueton parkrun:

Well done to Pete Makepeace on Saturday for some excellent improv work. The newly adjusted Brueton parkrun course was put together by the volunteer team and our own Mr. Makepeace continued to play massive part in keeping it up and running. His input to our local parkrun is much appreciated!

First 3’s:
Gareth Wainwright (17:57) / Siobhan Cotter (24:17)
Richard Dixon (18:28)        / Sarah Cattell (24:56)
Dave Carbutt (19:17)         / Kay Adenipekun (25:14)

Paul Winwood (24:45)
Jenny Owen (25:58)

Southsea parkrun 

Amanda Crees was to be found over at Southsea this weekend just ducking under the thirty minute barrier with a sneaky 29:58.

Kingsbury parkrun

Simon Battson made his regular sojourn to Kingsbury running 23:16. We’ve been told he likes to ride on the miniature railway after a run. Unconfirmed as yet though.

Fell Foot, Newy Bridge parkrun

Fell Foot wins the best named parkrun of the week award that has just been made up in its honour. Flick Sharp running 21:28 was their prize.

Great Running Team! Hopefully we’ll get a full report on Keith Whitehead’s GB outing in due course but until then keep running,