Weekend Recap: Make Mine a Half Please Bab

Birmingham Black Country Half:
The weekend kicked off with a point to point from Wolverhampton city centre to Birmingham city centre. So really should be called the Black Country Birmingham Half rather than the Birmingham Black Country Half. Pedantic but true. Due to the narrow paths of the canal and the fact none of us have yet mastered the walking on water trick pulled off by Jesus (or was it the excellent Donald Glover?) runners are sent off in waves.

First for K&D was Joshua Hartle (not to be confused with Josh Hartnett from 2002 ‘comedy’ 40 Days and 40 Nights). Josh Hartle ran 1:41:44. Josh was joined by Catherine Sherlock who ran 2:05:51, Katie Price (not that one), in 2:10:32 and Rosie Vetter in 2:10:33. Also running were Jan Hornby in 2:48:58, Frances Ramsden in 2:48:59 and Rebecca Blunt in 2:48:59. Special mention to former K&D’er Jane Quarmby who ran 2:49:00 for Warley Woods Pacers.

Leamington Half:
In 2018 Leamington Half was delayed due to idiots trying to access the course in their cars and it was a bazillion degrees in the heat. 2019 though seems to have had a much smoother ride for the organisers. The temperature was warm again but not quite as hot as the sun. Big Mick Williamson showed he is just as comfortable on land as in the water. He was first K&D in 1:29:24. Jason Pitcher crossed the line in 1:35:15, Phil Wood followed shortly after in 1:39:31 and Rob Stewart clocked 1:51:44. Paul Winwood, ‘fresh’ from last weekend’s Ultra adventures (still waiting for the report!) showed there is no rest for the wicked by running 1:58:44. 2:17:22 was the finishing time for Karen Ratcliffe and Sammie Edgington. We hope Sammie’s foot isn’t too sore today after she needed medical attention (or were the Doctor’s just very hansome?)  Kate Thompson ran 2:26:24 alongside Hayley Turner who stopped the clock in

Evesham Town 10K:
Kev Tomkinson had quite the weekend. He met the legend that is Jo Pavey at parkrun on Saturday and bagged himself a Jo-inspired PB of 49:46 on Sunday.

Brueton parkrun:
With Coventry cancelled an influx was expected, though it never arrived at Brueton. Sad times. We love beating Coventronians. Gareth Wainwright clocked a 17:06. Congratulations to Gareth and his better half on the birth of their new child. That’s the last time he’ll be near breaking 17 for at least 21 years. Habib Farazmand ran 8 miles, then clocked 18:31. Strong. Darren John ran 3 miles then clocked 18:48. Getting Stronger.

For our women it was Kerry Ann Thompson, who is getting back to full strength in a 22:40. Followed by the always super strong runners of Louise Bell and Jane Hunt in 23:00 and 23:00. Blimey. Talk about close! It’s also good to see Kathy Bailey running 23:11 and Victoria Britton on 23:14. Talk about neck and neck.

Bushy parkrun:
Anthony Dutton and Linda Whitehead were a couple of K&D’ers that escorted local hero Margaret Smith to the Bushy Octeganarians celebration. Anthony ran 19:27 at the home of parkrun while Linda clocked 30:26. Margaret and Linda were pipped for first lady by Mara Yamauchi. Mara is UK’s #2 all time behind Paula Radcliffe over the marathon. She has a PB of 2:23:12. Take that one lads!

Torbay Velo parkrun:
David John clocked 30:54. He didn’t get an invite yet to the octoganerians celebration (that’s the chair’s sleeping in the shed on his summer holiday this yr).

Eden Project:
Sandra Boot took in the Eden Project Biospheres and ran a superb PB of 25:58. She has come on leaps and bounds recently and continues to impress.

Kingsbury Water parkrun:
Kingsbury H2O played host to the parkrun Ambassador’s Conference attendees. So if you didn’t go to Kingsbury you missed out on meeting Paul Sinton Hewitt (parkrun Overlord, 31:18), Joanne Sinton-Hewitt (Overlord’s wife, 30:49), the excellent on Twitter Tom Fairbrother (15:44), world class athlete Chrissie Wellington (17:58), 5x Olympian Jo Pavey (34:24), Kev Tomkinson (28:29) and Alison Giblin (31:58). Esteemed company for Paul, Jo, Tom, Chrissie and Jo Pavey to be in.

Parke parkrun:
There’s a massive hill 800m into Parke parkrun. Like properly massive. Steve Marks would have probably ran sub-18 on the flat. As it was he ran 38:58. It’s all that massive hill’s fault. Beautiful though, and the parkrun isn’t bad either.