Weekend Recap: Manchester Marathon, Berlin & Solihull Half, Centurions GP6


On a weekend of fantastic performances here are two that really stand out:

As many will know Claire Deeley has been dealing with with health issues for the last year. This weekend she took a big step forward at the Centurions GP and, in true K&D fashion, she did so with the support of her fantastic team mates. Well done to Claire and everyone involved yesterday. A proud moment for the club to see you all come together, to see Claire continue to make progress and to see you all smiling after 5 miles.


Although not a club member many of us are very fond of our Margaret from parkrun. At The Solihull Half Margaret took a tumble at 12 miles. Not that she’d let something as little as that stop her. Its rude to mention a ladies age so lets just say she’s between 82 and 84 years old. Margaret picked herself up, dusted herself off and finished in 3:39:04. Despite being bloodied and bruised Margaret was her usual cheery self and we’ll no doubt be seeing her back at parkrun with Luna her dog sooner rather than later. Margaret, we wish you a speedy recovery and admire your spirit!

Manchester Marathon:

The first big marathon of the UK spring season took place in Manchester. The Greater Manchester Marathon is fast and flat with the strongest domestic field outside of London.

K&D was represented by 4 men in conditions that got very warm in the second half as Manchester was bathed in sun:

Darren John – 2:54:21 (PB)
Steve McDonald – 3:10:15 (PB)
Ed Bower – 3:30:12 (PB)
Michael McDonald – 3:59:47

Solihull Half:

The inaugural Solihull Half Marathon took place this weekend just gone. On the winner’s trophy for the ladies goes the name of Jane Evans. A great result to have a K&D lady on top of the podium and officially the first ever winner of the event. Jane ran 1:24:10.

Seeing the club so well represented throughout the field was a great sight on a beautiful morning’s running.


[su_column size=”1/3″]
Jane Evans – 1:24:10
Rob Houlston – 1:30:16
Max Mladenovic – 1:31:38
Amanda O’Leary – 1:34:37
Kevin Boake – 1:35:40
Phillip Lindsey – 1:36:45
Nicholas Atkin – 1:37:00
Gary Welsh – 1:37:46
Steve Armstrong – 1:38:04
James Taylor – 1:38:58

[su_column size=”1/3″]
Ian Naisbitt – 1:41:29
Stephen Pensom – 1:41:36
Kathy Bailey – 1:45:37
Emma Donnelly – 1:46:43
Marc Bozdogan – 1:47:28
Peter Little – 1:48:09
Craig Campbell – 1:49:56
Keith Whitehead – 1:50:03
Sarah Cattell – 1:51:06
Paul O’Donnell – 1:52:44

[su_column size=”1/3″]
Kate Fokes – 1:53:55
Hala Atkin – 1:54:45
Ian Maidment – 1:56:12
Imogen Rowe – 1:57:57
Rob Stewart – 1:59:26
Linda Whitehead – 2:09:41
Amanda Crees – 2:12:01
Mark Cordiner-Barton – 2:17:45
Tanya Cronin – 2:25:14
Carly Mitchell – 2:37:28

(If anyone has been missed from this list please let us know on the comments on Facebook – not all names had K&D next to them, especially newer members who signed up for the race last autumn – and we’ll update)

Berliner Halbmarathon

Three of our ladies adventured out to take in the sights of Berlin. Enjoy some Pretzels and currywurst and a run through the streets of one of the great European cities.

Our ladies did themselves proud with Isabel Collins taking the gold.  Isabel ran 1:58:55. She was just ahead of Louise Taylor who ran 2:16:27 and Penelope Garner who clocked 2:18:45. Congrats ladies. Go enjoy the beer halls!

Centurions GP #6

With runners here, there and everywhere on Sunday our usual strong contingent of K&D runners was a little depleted over at the last Centurions GP finale. 

Stephen Ray was first man home for the green and gold in 35:47 followed by Jane Hunt in 37:12 and Louise Bell in 38:34.

Full Results:
Stephen Ray – 35:47 (PB)
Jane Hunt – 37:12
Louise Bell – 38:34 (PB)
Geoff Lewis – 40:47 (SB)
Paul Winwood – 42:27 (SB)
Nigel Collins – 44:40
Jan Hornby – 45:19 (PB)
Claire Deeley – 50:53 (SB)
Ann Spencer-Dowdeswell – 50:54
Sue Wassell – 50:54
Siobhan O’Donnell – 50:54

parkrun results will follow soon.