Weekend Recap: Northbrook 10k, Leeds 10k & parkrun roundup

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Northbrook 10k:

Edit: Congrats to our K&D Women who stole the show. A fantastic team win for our women at Northbrook 10k complimented another trophy on the mantlepiece for women’s winner Jane Evans. What a result!

What goes up must come down… eventually. With 6km of uphill not enough these days Nortbrook AC decided to punish us a little more by moving the race start to the bottom of the hill. A slow first km at least allowed for those of us who’d arrived late-ish to ease into the race. With hot temperatures and a tough course PB’s are hard to come by at Northbrook and a good run is very well earned. If it didn’t go to plan today you should have at least treated yourself to a good Sunday lunch. Big well done to everyone that ran today in hot conditions.

Full K&D Results:

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Chris Sharp – 33:44
Darren John – 36:03
Chris Morgan – 36:19
Joe Read – 36:30
Jane Evans – 37:53
Michael Swann – 38:54
Richard Dixon – 39:12
David Carbutt – 40:29
Paul Williams – 40:43
Mike Day – 43:06
Adam O’Nions – 43:26
Mary Heald – 43:34
Rosie Marsh – 44:04
Amanda O’Leary – 44:07
Peter Austin – 44:28
Steve Armstrong – 44:37
Ian Naisbitt – 45:08
Christopher Revell – 45:55
Stephen Ray – 46:07
Ian Voaden – 46:51
Jane Hunt – 48:33
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Mike Durkin 48:55
Simon Krstic – 49:10
Rachel Aston – 51:19
Graham Edwards – 52:02
Rob Stewart – 54:09
Kate Marsh 54:13
Karen Stapley – 55:09
Geoff Lewis – 55:22
Stephen Evans – 55:52
Nicola Ridler – 56:08
Claire Maggs – 56:56
Sally Anderson – 57:08
Debbie Finnegan – 59:44
Michael Stapley – 59:53
Ann Spencer-Dowdeswell – 1:00:08
Caroline Edwards -1:00:54
Jackie Paterson – 1:06:29
Susan Wassell – 1:06:29
Claire Deeley – 1:06:36
Jo Tork – 1:08:39
Emily King – 1:10:27
Steve Marks – 1:12:39

Leeds 10k:

Mark Cordiner-Barton (MCB for short) took on Leeds 10k on Sunday. MCB ran 1:01:10 – a good run after a long year back to racing fitness. MCB has an ultra coming up soon. Silly sod.

Brueton parkrun:

Gareth Wainwright took advantage of some agressive front running by a BRAT athlete to be pulled along to a swift 17:05 in second overall. The pair gapped the field in the early stages at Brueton and never looked back. Behind them Darren John tried to close the distance but ended up third in 17:43 as Chris Morgan enjoyed a leisurely (for him) 19:13 run-out. 

For the women Sarah Cattell took the honours in 24:14 just pipping Mary Heald in 24:27. Kate Marsh was third K&D woman in 25:24. There were no outright PB’s this week but Gail Partridge was incredibly unlucky not to get a shiny PB as she equalled her best ever time in 32:45. 

Congrats to Andrew Cox who celebrated his 100th parkrun!

Arrow Valley:

Dave Carbutt warmed up for Northbrook 10k by tackling Arrow Valley parkrun. Dave ran a quick 19:08.

Portrush parkrun:

Monica Green went off road and got the sand between her toes at Portrush parkrun. The first all sand parkrun in the world Monica hit the beach running with far better form than Pamela Anderson in Baywatch clocked an impressively sandy 21:59.

Dartford parkrun

Jack Bristow took to Dartford like a cruiseliner takes to water. He ran 21:17. Presumably he celebrated in Blue Water Shopping Centre’s Pirate Cove Adventure Park Mini Golf Centre.