Weekend Recap: parkruns in the sun


Brueton parkrun: Chris Sharp’s fast feet posed a fire risk over parched grass on Saturday. His 16:50 meaning Brueton needed a fire extinguisher on hand at the finish line. Behind him Gareth Wainwright ran a swift 17:25 – doing his best to create some breeze for the other runners while Michael Swann ran 18:46 for third K&D. Swan’s can carry 4 1/2 Stone of Ice under their wings. Swan fact.

Monica Green was our first K&D woman in 20:04. Hot Stuff! Flick Sharp followed in the sweaty footprints of Chris in 21:18. Jane Hunt sped to a 23:16, avoiding Chris’ sweaty foot prints. Wise. Hunt Fact: Jane hunt’s wild Pokemon in her spare time. She has a wild Charizard head mounted on her livingroom wall.

Bushy parkrun:
Week 2 of our stealthy K&D Bushy Takeover. It will be ours. Soooon. Jan Hornby (26:55),  Ann Spencer-Dowdeswell (27:32), Katie Price (29:43) and Caroline Edwards (30:32) laid down some secondary foundations. Next come’s the turret…

Stonehouse parkrun:
The Whitehead’s visited Stonehouse. A house. Made of Stone. Who’d have thought it! Novel. Killer Keith clocked 24:25 and Lovely Linda ran 29:09. The nicknames need some work.

Kingsbury Water parkrun:
Mmm water. A scarce commodity this summer. Anthony Dutton led our tour group round in 19:51. He carried a little flag like a Japanese tour guide in London. Kay Adenipekun was next up in 24:12, Paul Winwood ran 24:39, Karen Ratcliffe ran 26:26, Lissy Calvert clocked 31:13, Penny Taylor clocked off at 31:58 while Gail Partridge fell in a lake. Actually she ran 32:32.

Perry Hall parkrun:
The quietest Birmingham parkrun is a hidden gem. Steve Armstrong rolled up like a duke and dropped a 21:03.

Stratford-Upon-Avon parkrun:
Richard attacked the fast, flat SUA parkrun with 21:04 in the shadow of the RSC.

Errdig parkrun:
Errdig is a National Trust Home, famous for its tapestries. I was excited when I heard it was famous for is pastries. I am dissapointed. Pete Austin ran 21:08. We need more pastries.

Tampere parkrun:
Friend of the club Riina Kuuselo ran 20:37. Tampere Fact: Tampere this week hosted the World U20 Champs.

Exmouth parkrun:
Steve Marks ran 33:02. Exmouth Fact: Exmouth Lifeboat Station is #16 of Things to do in Exmouth on Trip Advisor. I’m not saying it’s a naff day out but… another Exmouth Fact: Drowning is #15 of Things to do in Exmouth on Trip Advisor.