Weekend Recap: PB’s Galore

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Brueton parkrun:

Making light work of the previous night’s curry and shall we say… refreshments, Gareth Wainwright show’d he can handle his drink with a 17:11. He was first K&D runner home followed by Darren John. who had polished off two pizza’s the night before. Darren ran 18:15. No word on Anthony Dutton’s pre-race binge but his 18:52 was his fastest in a year. Which deserves a celebratory Chinese. 

Flick Sharp had clearly had her Weetabix for breakfast; paced by Chris Morgan she absolutely destroyed that 20 minute barrier that has been annoying her for so long. 19:32. A massive PB and thoroughly well deserved. Siobhan Cotter continued her consistent run with a 22:55 finish. She is peppering that 22:30-23:00 bracket with multiple runs. Sarah Cattell was third lady with a time of 23:58. 

Although the morning was cold the conditions were favourable for fast times; as well as Flick Sharp PB Corner is bursting with patrons.

Lynsey Drakeley ran 29:04 – PB!
Smita Deshpande ran 28:48 – PB!
Philip Lindsey recently joined the club, celebrating by running 20:46 – PB!
Brian Corr ran 20:50 – PB!
Mark Amyes ran 21:31 – PB!
Isabel Arthur ran 26:50 – PB!
Ann Spencer-Dowdeswell ran 26:32 – PB!
Subhash Agarwalla ran 25:53 – PB!

Bish. Bash. Bosh! 

Cannon Hill parkrun:

Big Dave Carbutt ran a storming 18:18. You guessed it. He also gets a pass to PB Corner. Move aside people. Another one coming through. This many people in PB Corner must be a fire hazard surely?

Quiet weekend gone, XC and Centurions madness resumes next weekend. 

Great Running Team!