Weekend Recap: Racing All Over


Oundle 20:
20 miles for Paul Winwood and Paul O’Donnell at the Oundle 20 as they warm up for marathon season. Paul of the O’Donnel variety ran 3:01:38 while Paul of the Winwood variety ran 3:07:37.

Notts 20 Miler:
Three Amigos took on 20 miles round Nottingham as Catherine Sherlock, Anna Bousfield and Sam Morgan all ran within 60 seconds of each other. They ran 3:38:18/3:38:56 and 3:38:58. I’ll leave you to guess who put a sprint in at the end.

Lisbon Half:
Jan Hornby (2:42:48), Amanda Marklew (2:42:49) ran Lisbon Half. As did Penny… but I couldn’t find her in the results. If anyone has her result please let us know!

Stafford Half:
Louise Kemp took on her first half and ran herself the superb time of 2:22. Nice and easy to remember!

Eton Dorney Half:
Flick and Chris Sharp celebrated their 6yr anniversary (congrats!) by doing what all good running couples do. Racing. Chris, ever the gent, paced Flick to the London 2020 Championship Qualifying time of 1:29. Though we’re sure she’d have gone faster without having to drag him round. Although you obviously don’t have to run London if you qualify, a Championship Start is seen as the dream of many a runner. It’s 1:15 for senior men, 1:30 for senior women.

Reading Half:
Rachel Gifford and Jess Woolley warmed up for the spring racing season with a pair of swift HM times. Rachel made it London Marathon 2020 Championship Start Qualifier #2 of the weekend with a super 1:26:04. Jess Woolley will be starting to eye the 1:30 standard as she ran 1:34:30.

Hampton Court Palace Half:
Amanda Crees and Katie Price checked out the local manor in Hampton and came away with a good couple of HM times running 2:21:39 for Amanda an an excellent 2:00:52 for Katie.

Bath Half:
George de Bolla opened up his HM season with a 1:24:42. Quick.