Weekend Recap: The Battle of Manchester, Solihull Half

Manchester Marathon:
Green and Gold swarmed Old Trafford. No longer in protest at the Glaziers but in vests and short shorts. Knowle & Dorridge’s famous kit could be seen through the field of 20,000 runners. As with any marathon some people’s races went amazing, some went south. It’s the nature of the beast. But the grit and determination on show was exemplary from all. Marathon Season is officially OPEN for business.

First in the queue was the smooth as silk stride of Rob Michaelson-Yeats who continues to go from strength to strength and clocked an absurdly fast 2:40:14 PB for 71st Man. Behind him Steve Whatmore put his brand new K&D vest to good use PB’ing in 2:53:17.

The fantastic Mary Heald ran an absolute stormer to finish in 3:10:36 and 49th Woman overall. From then on the runners poured over the line. Johnny Bellman clocked a 2hr PB (His last marathon was a hilly trail one) in 3:13:40, Danny Malone ran 3:14:14 (PB), Jack Bristow finished his first marathon in 3:23:38 (PB), Max Gimson ran 3:26:03 (PB). Despite nutrition issues Flick showed superb inner strength to run 3:30:09 (PB), Hannah Gibson ran a stormer to clock 4:03:53 (PB), 1 second ahead of Paul O’Donnell in his first marathon (4:03:54). Peter Little came back from a torrid couple of years of injuries to run 4:11:59 in his 238,000th marathon, Paul Winwood bravely battled through cramping issues to run 4:43:29 and Catherine Sherlock stepped up to the marathon distance to set a first time best of a very respectable 5:03:51. Congratulations to everyone who ran so well, and even more so to those of you who had tough day’s but did the sensible thing and looked after yourselves first and foremost.

Solihull Half:
Firstly, the Solihull Half results seem to be missing club names SO if you’re name is missing from the list below please let us know and we’ll update the results accordingly. It’s going to take a while to search through all the results!

Doesn’t take long to find Gareth Wainwright who finished 2nd overall despite only signing up on the morning of the race. A superb 1:17:55 on a rolling course and into a decent headwind. He was given a real scare by Mr. PB Gary Polhill though who smashed his 2 week old PB to run 1:18:06. Third K&D man was Darren John who went out WAY too hard, blew to bits and endured a 1:26:32 after starting at 1:20 pace. Ouch. A bad 1:26 is better than a good 1:26 with three weeks until London though. Right? Chairman DJ had to fight off the attentions of K&D Legend Anthony Dutton in the last 2 miles.

Amanda O’Leary rolled back the injury plagued last couple of years. After being made to sit out the XC season to get her injuries sorted she came back with a bang, finishing 2nd woman in 1:31:03. A fantastic result. Claire Magee (1:40:35) and Nicky Evans (1:52:49) rounded out the K&D women’s podium. Nicky Evans’ dog also won the cutest canine supporter category.

Sadly the Solihull Half isn’t accredited to Power of 10/Runbritain/UKA/EA etc. so I can’t celebrate any PB’s without checking all your names one by one. And while I love you all dearly… there’s way too many of you now to do that! Please do use the space below the story on Facebook to let us know if you PB’d though and we’ll try to think up good puns to celebrate your achievements.

Full K&D Results:
Gareth Wainwright – 1:17:55 (2nd)
Gary Polhill – 1:18:06 (3rd)
Darren John – 1:26:32
Anthony Dutton – 1:26:36
Ainsley Wainwright – 1:28:30
Amanda O’Leary – 1:31:03
Josh Hartle – 1:33:57
Steve Armstrong – 1:35:44
Lloyd Barton – 1:37:33
Claire Magee – 1:40:35
Steve Pensom – 1:41:44
Martin Hancock – 1:46:57
Nicky Evans – 1:52:49
Caroline Park – 1:55:45
Keith Whitehead – 1:55:48
Kerry Whitehill – 1:57:30
Rob Stewart – 2:02:19
Samantha Edgington – 2:04:47
Karen Ratcliffe – 2:04:48)
Katie Price – 2:07:25
Rosie Vetter – 2:07:26
Linda Whitehead – 2:09:22
Sandra Boot – 2:14:59
Jerome Ment – 2:23:30
Smita Deshpande – 2:25:32
Carly Mitchell – 2:42:42

Special mention to friends of the club Mark Cordiner Barton (1:59:32) and Emma Donnelly (2:01:56) who turned out too.