What’s On? Brat 5k, Inter-Club Run and Road Relays

I spent yesterday at The Samuel Johnson Museum in London after work. It is very good. I suggest you visit. To quote Johnson:

“To do nothing every man is ashamed; and to do much, almost every man is unwilling or afraid.”
Johnson: Idler #48 (March 17, 1759)

Do not be that Idler that is unwilling or afraid. Lets Run. Upcoming activities include:

Brat 5 (Part of the WRRL)
Wednesday 9th August
Arrive Early, Pay on the Night


Inter-Club Run Hosted by Kenilworth
Thursday 19th August
FREE with Food Provided by Kenilworth Post-Run
All Abilities
Women Enter Here: 


Men Enter Here:


Road Relays
Saturday 23rd Sept
Men’s 6 Stage and Women’s 4 Stage Relays
All Abilities
Women Enter Here:


Men Enter Here:


It literally couldn’t be any easier.