Worcester Sauce Finds Results


Thank you to K&D’s investigative journalist Nigel Collins who kindly located the Worcester 10k results as the ‘Naughties’ warmed up for Tissington Half next weekend. Race results companies who make it difficult to find results for whole clubs are up there with Clowns and Nickelback. Straight to the gulags when i’m PM of the post-Brexit, Post-Love Island dystopian wasteland that was once Mercia. Althought credit to the Worcester 10k & half race organisers for their snazzy race tshirts. As modelled by many of our runners with pride this weekend.

The results:
Winner of an all expenses paid trip to Tissington for finishing first Naughtie at Worcester 10k is Karen Stapely who ran 54:54. She just has to pay the expenses herself. Well done Karen! First Male and winner of an all expenses paid trip to Tissington is Nigel Collins who ran 55:42. He just has to pay the expenses himself. Well done Nigel. 

Full Results:
Karen “The Stapler” Stapely – 54:54
Nigel “The Bean Counter” Collins – 55:42
Jan “The Treasurer” Hornby – 55:56
Janet “Never Say She” Cant – 57:18 (PB)
Gareth “You Can Bank on Him” Lloyd(s) – 57:55 (PB)
Louise Taylor “Swift Sub-Hr” – 59:22
Amanada “Phew” Marklew – 59:22
Lissy “Got Busy” Calvert – 59:45 (PB)
Isabel “Camera Flash” Arthur – 1:02:00
Gail Partridge “In Less Than 63” – 1:02:40
Penny “PB” Taylor – 1:03:34  (PB)
Paul “Won’t Stall” Jeffrey – 1:04:48
Penny “For Her Thoughts” Garner – 1:05:41
“Go Go” Jo Tork – 1:09:08
Katie “Not That One” Price – 1:09:09
Rebecca “Lets Be” Blunt – 1:08:47
Jane “No Qualms” Quarmby – 1:08:48

In the Half, Linda “The Whitehead Without the Broken Bone THIS Time” Whitehead ran 2:11:49 for a seasons best. And Adam “Cheese and” O’Nions ran 1:35:48