WRRL: Massey Tractor 10k Results + WRRL Entry Details for Rest of Season


The National Agriculture Exhibition Centre played host to the opening event of the Warwickshire Road Race League season on Easter Sunday. With the four hundred runners holding off on the chocolate until battle was done it was a super fast three lap course around the showgrounds which are more used to hosting The National Beef Association’s Beef Show.

The addition of a tractor at the finish line provided ample opportunity for post-race photo fun. There were numerous PB’s which were reward for an excellent winter’s hard work. Rosie Marsh led the way for the women’s team continuing her recent good results while our men managed to swamp the top-30 with 5 runners.

Darren John – 35:21 (PB)
Simon Bentley – 35:29
Torsten Roesler – 37:13 (PB)
Richard Dixon – 38:11
Rob Ambrose – 38:18 (PB)
Max Mladenovic – 41:01 (PB)
Adam O’Nions – 42:32 (PB)
Rosie Marsh – 43:31 (PB)
Stephen Ray – 44:08 (PB)
Lloyd Barton – 44:39
Kathy Bailey – 44:57 (PB)
Jane Hunt – 45:22 (PB)
Emma Donnelly – 46:47
Craig Campbell – 47:41 
Keith Whitehead – 48:00 
Louise Bell – 48:22 (PB)
Rob Stewart – 48:48 (PB)
Geoff Lewis – 49:32 
Gary Wickett – 51:40 (PB)
Kate Marsh – 51:41
Rachel Aston – 52:08
Stephen Evand – 52:58 (PB)
Linda Whitehead – 58:01
Jo Tork – 63:31 (PB)
Fiona Holland – 63:59 (PB)
Steve Marks – 69:11 (PB)

Results available from: runbritainrankings.com

Fantastic running from the whole team!

If the Massey Tractor 10k has whetted your appetite for the WRRL see below for upcoming WRRL events + entry details:

Sunday 30th April – Monty 5k

*Enter on the Day*

Thursday May 25th – Ryton 5m

*Enter on the Night*

Sunday 11th June – Two Castles 10k

*Sold Out*

Wednesday June 14th – Sphinx 5m

Enter the Sphinx AC Summer 5 at Run Britain

Sunday 18th June – Arden 9m

Enter the Arden 9 at Run Britain

Sunday 9th July – Northbrook 10k

Enter the Nortbrook 10k at Run Britain

Saturday 22nd July – Stratford 6m

Enter the Stratford Summer 6 Online

Wednesday 9th August – BRAT 5k

*Entry on the Night*

Sunday 3rd September – Kenilworth Half Marathon

Enter the Kenilworth Half Marathon

Sunday 17th September – Rugby 10m

Entry for Rugby 10 Mile Road Race Not Open Yet