Your 2018 K&D Awards Winners…


Ladies and Gentlemen it is an honour to present to you the 2018 K&D Awards Winners.

We are incredibly proud of the achievements of the club this year. We actually hate having to single people out from all the brilliant members of our club. We want to thank you all for your brilliant contributions and congratulate you on your continued development as runners, club members and a community.

The following people have done some wonderful things this year. We are very humbled by their achievements and proud to present them as your 2018 award winners:

Fastest Male Athlete: Chris Sharp
Fastest Female Athlete: Jane Evans
Most Improved Male: Jack Whitehouse
Most Improved Female: Rosie Marsh
Most Inspiring: Jan Hornby & Frances Ramsden
Chairman’s Award: Colin McCallum
Most Committed: Paul Winwood 

Team of the Year: 0-3s Claire Deeley and Tracey Davies
Club Person of the Year: Sarah Connors

Special mention to the Club Person of the Year Nominees: Amanda Crees, Paul Winwood, Rosie Marsh, Tracy Davies, Claire Deeley and Sarah Connors. 

Thank you all for a fantastic 2017/18 season. We look forward to what 2018/19 brings!