Katie Price

Katie Price

Wellbeing Officer

Katie Price is currently Knowle & Dorridge Running Club’s elected Wellbeing Officer.

The Wellbeing Officer role has a dual function; Signposting and Liaison. The Wellbeing Officer can be contacted at: wellbeing@knowleanddorridgerc.co.uk

They are not expected to treat club members but will be a confidential signposter for members who may need support with physical or mental health difficulties.

They will also be a liaison between club members and committee members should there be any individuals in the club who feel treatment by committee or other individuals is impacting their wellbeing.

On implementation of the Wellbeing Officer as a member of the non-executive club management former Chair Darren John said:

“As Chairman of K&D I see supporting our community as a vital function of the club. I have lived with depression and anxiety since my teenage years and am well aware of the ways mental and physical health conditions can impact on the lives of people. With running and our club I found a support network that helped me manage my illness, grow and achieve more than I’d have ever managed otherwise.

I am deeply supportive of ensuring all our members feel the same support should they find themselves in a time of need. I am pleased we have introduced a Wellbeing Officer to help support members should they experience difficulties or require support to mediate any disputes or issues they have. K&D will always have someone you can talk to.”

Katie Price has offered to share her experience of working in the field of supporting those living with mental health issues with our members. We thank her greatly for this. We hope she has a quiet two years because you are all healthy and happy but having her to support members is a massive step forward for the club.

Katie can be contacted in confidence at: wellbeing@knowleanddorridgerc.co.uk