County Champs update

There has been a change of plan and the Warwickshire County Road Championships will now be hosted by Rugby & Northampton AC within their 10 mile race on September 27th 2015. Many thanks to R&N for hosting. More details are on the Warwickshire Road Race League section of the County web site at


The Warwickshire County 3000m track championships will be held at Edmondscote, Leamington on Wednesday 5th August 2015. Again, more details on the County web site but please take careful note of the entry arrangements and closing date. This is a Championship race and so entries must be received and paid for before the closing date.


On the same evening as the 3000m championship the County Association is holding some open graded 200m and 800m races. We have had some feedback that some athletes are not clear what this means because open graded races are relatively rare in our area. In these cases the athlete turn up, complete a very basic entry form (name, club, age, time) and pay on the night. There is no pre-entry or pre-payment. The athlete must state their expected finish time. The races are graded by time to try and make sure that they are all as competitive as possible but this means that any one race may have a variety of genders and age groups. More details on the County web site


We have electronic timing and photofinish equipment for the 3000m championships and the open graded races.


Ray Morgan