February Elevation Challenge – Results

Unsplash - Photo by Jacob Owens

Here we go folks it’s the Elevation challenge leaderboard!! The top 10 men and women are shown here, the full results can be seen on the link below. Well done to all those who took part some particularly outstanding distances.

Our official K&D King and Queen of the mountains are:
Habib Farazmand 9,504 and Rachel Gifford 5118 – Congratulations to you both!
A special mention has to go to David John who managed a whopping 24,288 feet, this was we believe running and walking but what an achievement in a month.

The * by the name means not a club member but a member of the Strava club.
David JOHN * 24,288Mary Heald* 6,336
Habib Farazmand 9,504 Rachel Gifford 5,118
Tony Davis * 8,976 Jo Hitchcock 4,071
Gavin Davies* 8,976 Sarah Connors 3,367
Paul O’Donnell 6,336 Flick Sharp 3,332
Chris Thorley 6,336 Monica Green 3,330
Danny Malone 6,336 Katie Price 3,326
George de Bolla 6,336 Lauryn Ava 3,258
Paul Bentley 5,808 Emma Horsfield 2,931
Mike Day 5,808 Kate Leeson 2,792
Gary Polhill 5,808 Hala Atkin 2,647
Mick Williamson 5,808
Ainsley Wainwright 5,055

Full results can be found HERE.

Great job everyone who took part.