Social Events/Dates for your Diaries!

A big thanks to this week’s guest Editor Amelia Crees for the Run Report, and also a note below of some dates for your diaries for some of our social actvities:

  • Wednesday 27th September: social drinks at the Forest after Wednesday night club run- 7:30pm onwards.
  • Sunday 19th November: morning social run and breakfast
  • Friday 29th December: Christmas club run with tea/coffee and cakes afterwards.

Berlin Marathon

A huge congratulations to Mike McDonald, Lee Brotherhood, Rene Vergo and Kirsty Wise for completing the fast and flat Berlin Marathon, one of the 6 world majors!

A temperate 20 degrees with sunny intervals and light winds produced great racing conditions, causing our fantastic Knowle and Dorridge runners to return home in the impressive following times:

Rene Vergo: 02:50:40, Lee Brotherhood: 03:09:39, Kirsty Wise: 03:41:59 and Mike McDonald: 04:05:01

Tissington Half Marathon

Eleven Knowle and Dorridge runners took on the Tissington Trail Half Marathons, which took place on Saturday and Sunday this weekend.

Saturday saw Neil Letham, Amanda Marklew, Jan Hornby and Sally Anderson whilst Sunday saw 6 impressive sub 2 hour efforts and several PBs from those below, and 2nd and 3rd ladies for Hannah Donelan (1 hour 34 minutes) and Adeba Jama (1 hour 35 mins) respectively

Majority of the results are below (for those that added K&D to their entry!). Kay Adenipikun finished in just over 2 hours

252 Neil Letham 717 02:20:01
284 Amanda Marklew 775 02:25:58
280 Jan Hornby 667 02:25:32
174 Sally Anderson 422 02:06:39
75 Chris Wellings 1117 01:47:35
37 Paul O Donnell 371 01:39:47
29 Kerry Thompson 486 01:37:06
24 Jason Pitcher 390 01:35:18
23 Adeba Jama 216 01:35:04

Midlands Road Relays  

This week was the first Road Relays of the autumn season. The ladies managed two teams for this race with Sallyann Sheppey and Ingrid Rochelle-Smith joining us for the first time. Also Jess Woolley returned from maternity leave to take on the first leg, and Monica Green and Katie Price returned from injuries or niggles, and Myshola Kirkham joined us for her first K&D relays having moved to us recently. As usual there was the chats with the men beforehand, long queues for the toilets and lots of youths making us all look old. But, we didn’t stop the K&D spirit with everyone giving team tactics, lots of praise and encouragement to ensure everyone was ready to take on the slightly hilly course of Sutton Park. All the ladies completed their legs in times they were all individually pleased with, and the A Team finished in 34th and B team were 62nd. Well done ladies, now its time to plan for the Nationals in two weeks.

Men’s report to follow

Parkrun Roundup

This weekend, we had 53 parkrunners from Brueton to Beacon Hill! With 12 different events attended, our runners have clearly been busy and eager to kickstart their weekend with a run.

A special mention to Darren Maggs with a 24.07 PB at Poole, and tp Katye Leeson for 1st Lady at Brueton

Well done to all our runners who ran, walked or volunteered at Parkrun this weekend.  Full results in the table below:

Parkrun Position Time PB/Top 3
Banbury parkrun
Ben JONES 132 00:28:37
Coventry parkrun
Monica GREEN 376 00:30:53
Brueton parkrun
Chris MORGAN 4 00:18:06
Ainsley WAINWRIGHT 6 00:18:53
George SPANN 22 00:20:50
David ROSE 26 00:21:11
Andrew CONNORS 28 00:21:23
Russell DAVIES 33 00:21:38
Kate LEESON 35 00:21:53 1st Lady
Alan BLACK 39 00:22:00
Nicola FERDINAND 44 00:22:16 3rd lady
Neil DRAYCOTT 58 00:22:55
Steve ARMSTRONG 63 00:23:00
Alan GREEN 71 00:23:16
Stephen RAY 76 00:23:24
Jane HUNT 109 00:24:48
Paul WINWOOD 108 00:24:48
Martin HANCOCK 114 00:24:56
Chris RAW 122 00:25:16
Keith WHITEHEAD 143 00:25:55
Joanne RAY 146 00:25:57
Sarah CATTELL 154 00:26:17
Nicky EVANS 175 00:26:49
Sandra BOOT 200 00:27:37
Lisa RAY 218 00:28:10
James TAYLOR 223 00:28:18
Nigel FOSTER 230 00:28:34
Angela KIKUGAWA 333 00:32:23
Carly MITCHELL 344 00:33:13
Geoff LEWIS 364 00:34:48
Marie HOWARTH 399 00:40:44
Oxana HAFEEZ 400 00:40:49
Kevin TOMKINSON 405 00:42:43
Paul JEFFREY 407 00:44:07
Tanya CRONIN 412 00:46:20
Kerry Ann THOMPSON 427 01:07:10
Karen RATCLIFFE 430 01:14:42
Poole parkrun
Darren MAGGS 204 00:24:07 PB!
Claire MAGGS 557 00:31:51
Kingsbury Water parkrun
Daniel GREGORY 27 00:22:23
Tonbridge parkrun
Alison GIBLIN 436 00:35:19
Warwick Racecourse parkrun
Max MLADENOVIC 93 00:25:29
Oaklands parkrun
Siobhan COTTER 16 00:24:15
Alan C MARSHALL 44 00:29:42
Edgbaston Reservoir parkrun
Paul WILLIAMS 38 00:21:50
Yarborough Leisure Centre parkrun
Kerry WHITEHILL 105 00:28:24
Beacon Hill Country Park parkrun
Bruce HAMPTON 51 00:27:35
Holbrooks parkrun
Ian Derek MAIDMENT 46 00:27:52
Katie PRICE 101 00:52:52