The Annual K&D Christmas Parlouf! Wed 20th Dec

A Paaaarwhat? 

A Parlouf! 

For those of you who are new to the club or those with short memories; A Parlouf is a mini relay. Runner A does 1 lap when they get back to the start runner B goes. Quickest team wins. Sounds like Chris and Joe will win every time… BUT WAIT! There is a twist.

You’ll be paired based on your recent fastest parkrun time with someone at the opposite end of the times list. Anyone wearing a Santa hat or similar nonsense will not get a headstart but will get a thumbs up.


We need three or four marshalls. Volunteers please email

What Happens?

Queen of the Parlouf Sarah Connors will check you in and assign you a partner on arrival at St. Philips on Wednesday at 7:30. Like the Police Chief in a buddy cop movie you get a parter and have to work together despite one of you being a washed up Mel Gibson and the other being a cynical Danny Glover. Then we run.

The Route: